Are you needing help searching or transitioning into a career you love, for a company you love?

Check out this video below on how…

  • Resume review & 3 hints and tips
  • Expert career to help you identify the missing pieces in your career journey
  • No obligation chat about our proven services and how they can help

“Kate’s energy and enthusiasm are contagious.She quickly summed up my situation. Her insight after only a short chat was spot on and certainly helped me to clarify where I am at, where I would like to go, what I would like to do and what steps I need to take. All of which I had no idea about before speaking with Kate.”

Sue Jenkins

“I am so thankful I reached out to Kate when I did. Her advice and help was amazing and exactly what I needed to help set a career path for myself.”

Amber Dean

“Kate Langford’s Career Accelerator Program took me on a powerful journey which provided a rich learning and networking opportunity. Kate displayed a high degree of professionalism; her knowledge, skills, compassion and empathy significantly contributed to my personal and professional development.”

Julie McPhee

Meet Kate Langford …

Having been in Recruitment, managed agencies and worked in HR for over 15 years, I have the ability to know what employers are looking for! I also have a Diploma in Counselling and LOVE to help people in general and inspire them to chase their dreams…

At Kate Langford Career Consulting, it is all about getting each part of the process right so you are giving yourself the BEST chances of getting thing job.

We will break it down into:

  • What are you all about? Strengths, Passions, Personality and more.
  • Getting your Resume and Cover Letter sorted… What is this all about and how do I write a perfect one?
  • Confidence, Confidence, Confidence.. this is different for everyone, so we really get into what it is that is holding you back until now?
  • Job Application, Job Searching and how to?
  • The Interview – No No’s, the how and ALL the tips that I know will make you stand out!!

This is just a small number of things we cover.. there is a whole lot more!!

  • Looking to change company?

  • Sick of the constant knock backs?

  • Overwhelmed on where to start?

  • Recently made redundant?

  • Lacking confidence nailing the interview?

  • Struggling to get interviews?

  • Under-stimulated & Unhappy?

  • Feeling anxious about going to work?

  • Tired of feeling under appreciated?

Career Coaching & Consulting

Career Coaching with us will enable you to improve your awareness of your goals, strengths, weaknesses, desires, aspirations, barriers, passions and more.  We give you the confidence and direction  to find the industry and job you want.

Resume & Cover Letter

Writing a resume and cover letter is a lot more complicated than it looks. Because there is so much competition in the market today you need to remember that this is your chance to sell yourself in the market.

Professional LinkedIn Profile

These are very much like a resume but online. We will transform your profile into a professional and clear one, with everything that is needed to grab the readers attention.  Personalising your profile is critical ..

Career Accelerator Program

This is the A – Z of finding and implementing your ideal career path. You might be feeling frustrated and have no idea where to begin… This program will give you the guidance, encouragement, accountability and support to get you there.

What people are saying about Kate Langford and her services…

I was very fortunate to have been introduced to Kate.

As I have been out of the workforce for several years I decided, earlier this year, to enlist assistance for my resume and paid for a Professional Resume from another provider whose format was apparently outdated and inappropriate for my needs.  I was unsuccessful in obtaining even an interview.

That’s when Kate’s services were suggested to me.  Her honesty and straightforwardness were greatly appreciated and her insight into the psychology and requirements of Resumes and Cover Letters has restored my confidence in the processes of job seeking.  I now have a professional, clean resume which I am more comfortable to use as a representation of myself and my skills.

I strongly encourage anyone to book an appointment and speak with Kate as she has a wealth of knowledge, is a very giving person and takes a lot of pride in her work.

Debra Deaves

Thank You for lifting me from the ideology of mediocre to equipping me with practical tools, not only have you influenced my school of thought – you have inspired me to think “big picture”.

This is the biggest investment of self discovery as you spoke to my core values of who I am and what I should not settle for in the market place.

My first career coaching session with a down to earth straight shooter who values are exhibited with passion.

Thank You for being extraordinary

Rosie Knight

Kate is amazing. She was incredibly honest with me and helped me so much with my resume. She also gave me some advise about how to overcome the mental barriers that are stopping me from finding my ideal job. She is very experienced and professional. My cover letter looks amazing.


I cannot thank Kate enough !!! I can absolutely recommend her to everyone …. I am 52 years old and have been out of the workforce for over 3 years. Following Kate’s guidance and using her new resume, I secured an interview the very first application I put Kate’s method to work…..Kate has given me the confidence to put myself out there and her methods worked first time!!!

Valetta Roberts

Kate is a lovely person. Chatting to her in my free 15 mins consult, Kate understood what I was needing, even though I couldn’t get the right words out lol. I sent Kate my resume and hoped for the best. Kate wrote a cover letter for me and it was amazing! I would higher myself if I had to read this as an employer, so grateful. My resume had been written short and sweet, to show my experiences and my strengths. I would definitely recommend Kate Langford

Cathy A

I reached out to Kate after losing confidence to get back into the workplace. Kate was so comforting and her advice was warm and professional. She reminded me that I can push passed fear and to believe in myself. I took the step and put all my energy into applying for an opportunity…and I was called the following day for an interview!!! Thank you Kate for reminding me that I can do this!!

Nicole M