What Does Your Resume Say About You?

The trick to writing an impeccable resume is to express more with fewer words. Experienced recruiters can tell a lot about you by reading what you include in your resume. Therefore, you need to be extra careful while writing one.

In this article, I will share the 3 things which your resume says about you. By knowing what to focus on, you can definitely improve it. So, without further ado, let us begin:

How Well You Are Qualified

This is a no-brainer. You should include all of the relevant academic qualifications and professional experience in your resume. Don’t leave out any additional certifications or training that you may have completed.

How Well You Can Concise Your Messages

The information which you decide to include in your resume has to be extremely short, yet not vague. In fact, since time is money, throughout your professional life, you will be encouraged to be precise and to-the-point with your messages.

How Well You Can Prioritise Things

Writing a resume is all about prioritising. By identifying which accomplishments and professional experiences to include, you are actually prioritising, and are giving the recruiters a taste of how well you have mastered this soft skill.

Creating the perfect resume takes time, but once you get it right, it will all be worth it! Keep on experimenting, make a few drafts, and then select the one which you feel is the best. Best of luck.

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Tapping into the Hidden Job Market

Selling yourself outside of “Seek”


Have you ever wondered how people get jobs that have not even been advertised on seek or anywhere else?

Or heard about a company “creating” a role for them?

It is called, the “hidden job market”….

Well this is how…..

They are marketing themselves to companies they want to work for OR know companies that may utilise their skills. They walk into the company itself and introduce themselves, hand in a physical resume and leave their contact details leaving a GREAT first impression.

I can tell you now, I know that when I was recruiting, if someone came into the office, took the initiative and met with me for 2 minutes, I would remember them, especially if they stood out!

Sometimes if a business knows they are busy and need more staff, but don’t have the time to create the role, write a job description or write an advert for seek, they will hire these people.

They often put the resume in a pile (yes but not as big as the seek pile) and will call them next time they have a need that sounded like you. It saves them time and money and it puts you at the top of the list!

So next time you are trying to think outside the box, think about the “hidden job market”. Confidence, a well-constructed Resume and some kicking butt is all that is required for this plan of attack!

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