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We appreciate our clients’ reviews and feedback. Here are some videos and words directly from them! We love making a difference, do you want their story to be yours?


“I needed to grow my business with a proven method”

For me, it’s been tested, it’s been proven and it works! Hearing everybody’s ideas, you will get something out of it… having like-minded people in the room is just so powerful!


“I was floundering in my business…I just couldn’t get the leads…”

(at the BAP Conference) “I have come up with a lot of my blocks today…after today I can absolutely see that it’s going to work”


“The reality of launching your own business compared to running someone else’s is quite different”

(at the BAP Conference) “you need to go through that journey of self-reflection to make sure that you are putting the right pieces in the right places at the right time…”


“Coaching is an easy sell as it saves you TIME! You’re paid back super quickly, its a no brainer”

The business side was not my strong point and I didn’t have the confidence to put myself out there, as an expert in the field.


“I had ideas that I didn’t know how to bring them to fruition!”

I have it clear in my mind, what I really want is to have my own business instead of working for someone else!


“Kate was able to break all of the actions points down simply for me”

I knew I needed somebody who I believed in, that could support me to fire it (my business) back up again.


“If she can do it, I can do it!”

You are like the big sister I never had! That is exactly it! She has reassured me that my idea is a GOOD idea!

Lily Ann

“I know you’ve opened my mind to my potential”

I didn’t know what to expect, but I needed someone to help me on my path. 


“The best investment!”

I came away inspired and motivated in my vision and took immediate action.


“Kate has given me that extra ammunition to keep going and feel bulletproof to keep steaming ahead”

Some of things that were stressing me out were cash flow or a plan to move forward.

“Kate has been 100% the best decision I have made this year. She has helped crystallise my dream life doing what I know will make a difference. Her advice is always spot on and her X factor is how quickly she gets to the core of who you are and what your strengths are. She knows how to motivate and guide you in the best possible direction for success. I think Kate will be a part of my support network for a long time. ”


“What a day indeed, I made 3 pages of notes in my book after going through the recording and I can absolutely see the value in going back and pausing on those aha moments, so I truly thank you for that. Thank you in believing in me and working with me. I know this is new, scary, exciting, challenging or whatever but it feels right. Thank you SO much again ….”


“I want to thank you for your mentorship and coaching. What you taught me has changed my life! I made plenty of mistakes and I got a little behind with my admin but I’ve just tallied up my last 10 weeks and I delivered 26 training days to 37 clients. 201 people attended and I invoiced for 153 of them. I wanted to update you and thank you, your mentorship has made all the difference and my dreams and those of my family are becoming closer thanks to this, you’re a legend! ”


“I am still buzzing from our chat today and am keen to get started on this homework, I am determined to succeed in business and I'm grateful to have you to guide me…. ”


“Loved today and just makes me even more driven to get it right based on your guidance and knowledge! Guilt is GONE and I am one PUMPED Business Owner - not sure if I mentioned, but I had all sorts of issues with my business name and ABN but today I am officially registered! ”


“Thanks so much for your time yesterday. I'm really looking forward to getting into this with you so that I can stop procrastinating and get moving ”


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