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We appreciate our clients’ reviews and feedback. Here are some videos and words directly from them! We love making a difference, do you want their story to be yours?


“I wish I found this 20 years ago really…”

Within 2-3 days of my Resume, CL and Linked Profile being completed, I got a call from a recruiter in the industry I was targeting and that recruiter had come to me specifically and the company didn’t even have a job advertised!


“I really loved the coaching with Cass… I can see the method in the madness!”

I had my first discussion with Kate, the boss herself. She really impressed me in the way she answered my questions!


“Even yesterday they (new employers) said I feel like we have found a unicorn in you”

It’s completely changed my life! Not to sound corny… but it has completely changed my life. I have received an offer for a new position shortly after working with you.


“I received some really accurate feedback and also I feel reassured that I do have a lot to contribute and increased my confidence”

I wanted to improve my performance in interviews as in the past I’ve struggled to perform well. I lack confidence, I find my nervousness and anxiety can take over.


“I got my offer letter last week! If you want to know where you are going… you have got to invest in yourself first!”

I hadn’t been in the job market for 18 years… I didn’t know if my resume was targeted correctly or how to approach the selection criteria. 


“Give it a go! You have so much to learn with their expertise. It has helped me immensely!”

Knowing what my ticks, crosses and read flags has changed how I job search to help me find a workplace culture that aligns with me.

Aimee Jayne

“My whole entire thought processes about work, my life, how I feel about myself, and how much I have actually got to give to a great company”

For 10-12 years, I never thought I was good enough to do something else because of my own ideals of working in an office.


“I was shocked that you understood me and found the things that I need and know about myself including my values”

I was feeling stuck and knew that I had more to offer but I just didn’t know how to connect the dots to get to where I wanted to be.


“She put a fire in my belly to consider all the scary options that are possibilities.  I know I can do just about anything now!”

I felt like I am too old to leave my job because who would employ somebody of my age, with “no skills” only in the public sector. As the bread winner it has to be the right choice for my family.


“It’s a win-win situation, I have learnt how to talk to recruiters and have a 12month contract”

No-one was contacting me, even with my applications for the jobs, I wasn’t hearing anything. I wasn’t even getting the interview.


“I’ve gained alot of confidence and I know who I am and what I want to do”

The way you apply these days is so varied and it’s so different, you need to put yourself forward. 


“The reassurance that I was given made me realise, that the job I’m looking for is the job I want not what I need”

After being made redundant and of an older age I had huge fears about if I could find a job to bring in income.


“This resulted in a 40% payrise for me. Just know you don’t have to take a pay cut to make a change”

I had the ‘suck on Seek’ feeling and sitting there at midnight sending out 50 cover letters to 50 random companies.


“I got that confidence from the step-by-step process to find a job in my field”

I was trying to find a job as a mechanical engineer and was not confident enough to find a job (by myself).


“The role I got was not advertised, I got it through networking & selling myself”

It was a mindset thing, I took (past rejections) too personally. I had to overcome those doubts and KLCC is about that too.


“I was really struggleing with where I wanted to be”

The company I’m with now, found me on LinkedIn and if it wasn’t set up properly I wouldn’t have been found.


“I need to invest in myself”

Having struggled with working out how to do selection criteria, I was surprised how short and sharp they were.


“Zofia was pulling all this stuff out of me after a 15 minute conversation”

The prep work I did for the interview, really reframed my ability to sell myself.


“5 interviews in 3 just 3 weeks “

Really makes you think quite seriously about what you are looking for in a job and in a career


“I got instant results!”

I didn’t even know you could make a career out of it but thanks to KLCC, I have!


“1 application for my ideal role”

After months of trying, a resume and selection criteria overhaul was all that was needed!


“Wish I had done it sooner”

The team helped me to land a new position as a HR officer in a brand new industry.


“This is my dream job”

I have applied with this company 3 other times and never got the interview. Your process works, as I landed the job! Thank you!


“Landed the job- first interview”

They were supportive, I could communicate with them easily and they really boosted my morale


“Call-backs in just 3 weeks!”

They were supportive, I could communicate with them easily and they really boosted my morale


“Very different but amazing”

I wasn’t getting any interviews despite my experience, but now I am confident I will.


“I got interviews straight away!”

Starting to see myself as a worth while person again. 


“You nailed my personality”

You reflected back to me what I would never say about myself and that landed me serveral interviews.
“Thanks for all your help and support. Guess what, I've already scored an interview and will be interviewing this afternoon. Just thought I'd let you know”


“Just wanted to say a big thank you for everyone's help, guidance and support with my cover letter and wonderful resume - I am so happy with the final product. I never thought my resume would look so good and professional. Love it! ”


“I am 59 years old, and was made redundant from my old job! After working with your team I had success within 24h of sending my application. I received 2 job offers and 3 interviews, I am not usually one to give feedback but you guys were great! ”


“I have an interview on Friday!!! It was one of the jobs I nearly didn't apply for because while I want a job I enjoy, I also want to be paid my worth and the salary for this was not the best but I heard your voice in my head telling me not to overthink things and I submitted the application ..... and voila!! Thanks so much for being my voice of reason”


“Yes, I’m happy for this to be my final resume. That was easy! 5 star service - I’ve been so disappointed and let down in the past but this experience has been totally different so thank you. Next step will be Linked In I think! ”


“Mira really listened to me, gave me great advice, and I really felt we nailed my career aspirations and what I need to look for moving forward”


“Positivity, honesty & clear tips for make myself believe in myself. Including in the clarity session, Zofia was also able to weave interview coaching which was great.”


“I had no idea what I wanted to do from all the hats I wear in my current job, Zofia helped me pinpoint exactly the job I will love. Loving every part of the course. ”


“Trying to get a job in my field from last 4 years... despite having 5 years of international experience.. its hard to get if it's from overseas.. frustration, disappointment and people saying you need local experience.. and a lot other things........ but the day kate Langford’s team changed my CV and cover letter... I got the job within 1 month. Surprisingly one of the companies I had already applied couple of times before... soo you guyzz will always be a part of my Australian job journey..., Highly, highly recommended”

Anuradhika. S

“I was able to speak freely about what I really wanted to do and what drives me. Zofia understood where I was coming from. No. I got my new resume last Friday, submitted it for a job over the weekend, got a call Monday, was offered the job Wednesday, signed the contract Friday and start in a week. Best result ever”


“I completed the career acceleration program after I was made redundant. I was slightly sceptical at the beginning, as I couldn't see how a six week program would grow my confidence and assist in obtaining a job. The presentations by Kate are straight forward, easy to understand and very insightful. Together with the coaching sessions, I rediscovered my passions and regained my confidence. I was offered a new job two weeks after completing the course. I would definitely recommend this program and I am grateful for all the support provided by the team.”

Joe. S

"I had my 20 minute consult last month and I owed it to myself to buy a package which had my old resume fixed up and wow there's no comparison. I always thought it was me but I can see now it was my old resume and cover letter holding me back. these consultants know what they are doing and genuinely care."

Karen D

"I've had interview after interview this week, that's 5 interviews in 4 days! I have realised that I need to invest highly in education and troubleshooting in order to be as successful as possible with each interview."


"I wanted to say my sincere thanks to Zofia and the KLCC team. I have recently been offered and accepted my ideal industry role with a leading integrated services provider which manages and stores company's data safely and securely, working my way through the company, starting at the bottom. I have been trying to obtain an offer for such a long period of time, to obtain my ideal industry role, is such an unexpected opportunity for me. Thank you again for your help, support and guidance."

Keri P

"I would like to thank you and your team for your help with my CV and cover letter. I was able to secure a new job but not only that, I actually managed to get a fair bit of interest in my resume and several interviews. Special thanks to Lisa who was a joy to work with. So passionate about her work, very genuine and helpful. I also value the Facebook community as I reached out one day when I was feeling down about the job hunting experience. The members lifted me up with their comments and I felt a lot more positive because of it. You’re certainly not just a CV writing service but actually care about your customers being successful in securing the best job for themselves."


“Just a quick message to say thankyou. After receiving youre free advice on the importance of attaching a well written cover letter with my resume, I received numerous offers for employment, and have secured a position with a 40k pay increase compared to my previous salary. I strongly recommend to anybody looking to improve their careers to consider your recommendations and apply your techniques, they have helped myself immensely.”

Matt Moon

“I highly recommend Kate Langford Career Consulting. I chose the Overhaul Package and it was worth every cent. Kate, Lisa, Amie, Mira and Zofia were all so friendly, caring and professional, it was a great experience working with them. I’m so glad I clicked on Kate’s ad in my Facebook feed!”

Kirsten Bissett

“Thank to the team who worked on my CV, Cover letter and LinkedIn profile. I actually feel so much more confident applying for jobs. The structure, the wording and the quick turn around were all extremely impressive and I would highly recommend Kate and her team to anyone in the future.”

Mich Justin

“The team did such a great job, were so efficient and friendly. Nothing was to hard for them, and worked with me on all my backwards and forwards - i would highly recommend them :)”

Caroline Bamford

“I am very happy with the service and the results. I have a broad skill base and I was needing to tailor my resume and refine it. I am very much looking forward to applying for work with confidence.”

Kristine Cooper

“I am so glad I contacted Kate and had a one hour consult with her. She was very friendly, professional and asked me the right questions to get to know my personality type as well as my skills and experience. She was straight to the point and helped me come up with a plan for my job search and gave me the clarity and motivation I needed. I would recommend Kate's services to all job seekers wanting to arm themselves with the skills and knowledge necessary to find that new great job.Thank you so much Kate for you time. I'm also loving my new resume and cover letter you did up for me too!”

Elly Heairfield

“Kate's energy and enthusiasm are contagious.She quickly summed up my situation. Her insight after only a short chat was spot on and certainly helped me to clarify where I am at, where I would like to go, what I would like to do and what steps I need to take. (all of which I had no idea about before speaking with Kate) The course is awesome and just what I needed. Lots of good skills for job hunting and having more of n idea of my ideal role and industry means I won't end up job hopping. Love the resume format. Thank You Kate for pointing me in the right direction. Kate is awesome!”

Sue Stevenson

“Thanks to Kate’s amazing work on my resume and cover letter. Then also the confidence she brought forward in myself I now have 6 interviews over the next 7 days. What an amazing result I would recommend using Kate’s services thanks again what a brilliant result so far. The journey has only just begun.”

Alison Graf

“Absolute Value ! Kate is personable ,highly informative, and brilliant at ensuring you get the most out of a consult. Kate provided valuable advice in job searching techniques and transitioning from one career path to another.”

Shelley Andreetta

“Kate provides wonderful support :)”

Ann Harris

“Zofia was fantastic as are all the ladies. Zofia helped with my confidence, Resume, cover letter and LinkedIn which was brilliant. Zofia worked with me and pointed out what skills I had when I hadn't realised they were skills at all! I really can not thank Zofia and the team enough for all they had done. Sometimes it pays to invest in yourself in a big way. Thank you all for your help 😀”

Tracey Murphy

“Despite having extensive career skills, I have found the experience of using Kate Langford's team to revamp my resume cover letter has been a very rewarding and positive experience. Highly recommended and a very professional, concise and easy to read layout is the result!”

Cherie Farr

“I would highly recommend Kate and her team if you are looking for inspiration, support and clarification on changing career paths. I decided to get in touch with KLCC as I was stuck on how to change up my resume and cover letter to suit the new career path I have chosen to pursue and put my best foot forward. Lisa and Zofia were fantastic! To receive such encouragement, valuable knowledge, insight and help with identifying any issues, doubts or reservations I may have had about going after that dream career has really put me at ease and to just go for it and for that I am truly grateful. Can not wait to see what the future holds!”

Mel Van Baar

“Wanted to thank Kate Langford Consulting team, with a excellent professional resume done I spoke to Lisa last week she is great understood what I need for new resume. She finalised everything for me last Friday. As soon as I received my resume on Friday I uploaded my resume on indeed within 2hrs I had a company messaging Me asking to have a interview. Lisa thank you so much now I can go out and find new a new career with confidence with the tools Kate has provided Many thanks team!!”

Karla Del Rosario Martinez

“Kate and her team are a very professional outfit who strive to understand their clients to provide a quality service. It was awesome that Kate herself took the time to speak with me on the initial call to find out about me, my career and where I was looking to go. When Kate was unable to help me as she was maternity leave, I found her supporting team to be just as caring and professional. Nothing was too much and they assisted me with all my enquiries in a timely fashion. I recommend that everyone gets their CV's sorted out during this time and Kate Langford Career Counselling is the perfect organisation to assist. Thank you for your time and expertise!”

Melissa Denkinger

“very helpful with updating my resume and has given me oprtions to improve my career.”

Kris Newington

“I recommend Kate Langford to anyone Looking for a new job. Kate and her team are very professional.”

Wayne Afrika

“I randomly found Kate Langford Career Consulting Facebook page a few months ago. I was very impressed with a great reviews and decided to get her professional advise with 1:1 career coaching as I felt completely stuck in my career and was unsure on my future steps, direction etc. Within 1-hour session Kate was able to articulate a clear list of my dream job considerations (she calls it Career Bible 😊) and things I should not waste my time on. The list is based on my professional and personal strengths, experiences, knowledge, things I like to do as well as things draining me daily. I really liked her authentic, professional, honest and straight to the point approach and feedback and its all in 1 hour session!!! She boosted my confidence and gave me a sense of pride, value, appreciation, and clear direction in my future career. After a great 1:1 I’ve decided to overhaul my resume and cover letter using her service too. That was another great experience and success with the help of her amazing team (Amie and Lisa 😊). Both ladies were extremely efficient with quick and easy approach. I am very impressed with my new set of resume and cover letter highlighting my soft, hard skills , key highlights as well as clear and simple structure and format . If you are stuck and/or need professional advice, direction, kick and clarity in your career then Kate and her team is the ONE to go to!”

Yulia Kasatkina

“Kate has been amazing to work with. She has so much knowledge and great advice, I would definitely recommend reaching out to her if your an employee or employer, she is fabulous!”

Sonya Tawhiti-Watson

“Kate is fantastic - her energy is contagious! She lifted my spirits when I felt hopeless. Her response time is brilliant and when I needed an updated resume for an application - she reacted immediately and had it back to me that morning! I highly recommend Kate as a life and career coach - I’m so grateful that I found her.”

Meryll Matthews

“I have just completed the Course and thoroughly enjoyed it as I learnt so much. Kate is extremely knowledgeable, caring, generous, motivating and passionate. Kate makes you feel very comfortable to ask questions and explore careers that you may not have thought about before. Great program to find out your most suited industry, how to transition into another industry or move up the ladder in your existing industry. I'm turning 60 this year and I'm looking forward to finally being in a career that I love rather than just a job in order to pay the bills and Kate and her program have given me the confidence and tools to be able to do this. Thank you Kate!! Keep doing what you are doing!!!”

Cathy Annabel

“Kate really knows her stuff. She provides real and honest advice with a motivating push when I needed it! I secured 2 job interviews in a week, leading to full time work. Thanks Kate 😊.”

Kristen White

“Thank you to Kate who inspired me to keep learning so I enrolled in further study to better my job prospects. Wth that added confidence of investing in myself, not long after I obtained my new job with growth opportunities. Many thanks again Kate for your guidance.”

Tracey Waller

“I found Kate through Gumtree and I was a bit apprehensive of contacting someone to help me with my cover letter and resume to start applying for a new field in employment. I was pleasantly surprised when I made contact, Kate was very helpful, caring and patient with me. I gave her a lot of information and she went through it all and created a document that I am proud to use to apply for new jobs.”

Tula Lord

“Excellent service, was astounded at how quickly and the extent of my resume and cover letter were. Her great work also helped me land my dream career. 100% would recommend to any one 😊.”

Cody Alchin

“Absolutely amazing service and output. The team did an amazing job, I went to getting a 100% hit rate, every single application turned into an interview and I've been lucky enough to find a dream role and completely pivot my career. Thank you to all the KL Team!”

Ray. S

“I’ve met the whole team and their friendliness and great attitude is what sets them apart. I’ve been participating in the Kate Langford Mastermind group and Kates tenacity and compassion to check in on an individual level is 5 I can highly recommend this group if you want to take your business to the next level”

Jaya. M

“From the first point of contact, the team has been professional, supportive and helpful. Elin and Zofia are fantastic. Three days from applying to accepting the offer for my new position. I highly recommend Kate and her Team!!!”

Lelanie. W

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the assistance I have received and the knowledge I have gained from Kate Langford team. I have just accepted a position from Max, I rang yesterday to so say thank you for your time but due to circumstances now having the task of taking my grandson to school one day a week this position would not be the best fit and wow is all I can say. They have offered to work this into to my contract, I can not express how I feel about that. Thank you all so much."


"I reached out to the team at Kate Langford Consulting as I needed help with my resume and some guidance about transitioning into a new career field. I decided on a coaching session with Zofia and can highly recommend it. She is a fantastic coach and I have a much better idea about what I want in a role and what my transferrable skills are. The resume and cover letter I received were amazing and assisted me in securing an interview with a great PR agency 🙂 I highly recommend Kate Langford Career Consulting to anyone who is looking for career guidance."

Anna R

"Had a consulting session with one of Kate's team and basically it was put to me plainly and simply that my resume was too long and too wordy which was a reality check for me. I modified my resume and very soon after I was successful in getting a full time remote job and I am really thankful to Kate's team for pointing out constructive advice which worked. If I ever need help again, I would have no hesitation in getting some advice from Kate's team Thank you."

Dean A

“I engaged Kate Langford and her wonderful team , to review my CV as my previous CV was not connecting , even though I knew I could perform all the roles I went for. I knew I had blind spots that needed addressing. The first 20 minute phone call answered all my questions ; there was no sales pitch , just a good explanation of what was on offer. I selected the Professionals package. It was worth every cent spent. Every email that I sent or phone call that I made to Kate and her team, was answered in a warm engaging and friendly manner Thank you so much Kate and Team : you exceeded my expectations and I have no doubt that I will use your expertise and wisdom again. I would strongly encourage anyone to use Kate and her team to identify your blind spots and also what you are really after. It is good quality no BS stuff that works.”

Philip Wagner

“Worth every cent! Through the career accelerator program my confidence has increased ten-fold. I have gained clarity on my transferable skills and strengths, as well as on what I don’t want to do. The online modules combined with one-on-one coaching sessions, resume and linkedin reviews make this an empowering, well-rounded program. I would reccomend it to anyone looking to make a change or take the next step in their career.”

Racheal Klitscher

“Kate's experience speaks for itself. In just a single hour business consult, I gained so much more clarity around the next steps in my business. It was almost like a rapid fire session; constant dialogue, ideas and insights with clear actions as well, almost like little fireworks going off. I left the session feeling more focused, clear and inspired with my business. Highly recommended.”

Renee Zaia

“Oh my goodness! I couldn't have asked for any better!! It's fantastic. Now I just have to regain my confidence and know that I can actually do all of these things you have all seen in me. You have given me back the confidence I needed to kick start my new journey. Thank you so much, Kate. And Stevie and Lisa for taking the time to spend chatting to me. That conference call with Stevie was so informative and enjoyable. I loved it. I am now more excited than ever to get myself out there and make a difference! Thank you so much for all you do.”

Meredith Dorham

“I reached out to Kate Langford Career Consulting late last week and have been very impressed with the service I have received. I know have a new Resume and cover letter and a new found confidence knowing I am more than what my previous Resume saw me as. Thank you Lisa for going above and beyond your service is amazing.”

Maree Barrow

“They were fantastic! Very efficient & within the time frame they had specified. Would definitely recommend if you're looking to have that professional look on your resume.”

Fiona Sheldrick

“excellent work in assisting with my resume and cover note, will use again!!!!”

Chris Jones

“Kate Langford’s Career Accelerator Program took me on a powerful journey which provided a rich learning and networking opportunity. Kate displayed a high degree of professionalism; her knowledge, skills, compassion and empathy significantly contributed to my personal and professional development. Kate crafted professional Resumes for me to ensure a competitive edge during my search for a new career.”

Julie McPhee

“Kate has been such a pleasure to deal with! She is very professional, knowledgeable and talented to say the least. I highly recommend her services!”

Kiara Jorgensen

“My experience with Kate Langford Career Consulting was a delight from beginning to end. she's professional, knowledgeable and responsive to my needs and delivered a final resume that has masterfully captured the essence of my professional career to date. Frankly I would be surprised if it didn't generate interest from prospective employers and I would recommend Kate to anyone seeking an edge in today's competitive job marketplace.. Thank you very much for everything kate - greatly appreciated!”

Shani Perera

“I am so thankful I reached out to Kate when I did. Her advice and help was amazing and exactly what I needed to help set a career path for myself. ”

Amber Dean

“I engaged Kate Langford and her wonderful team, to review my CV as my previous CV was not connecting, even though I knew I could perform all the roles I went for. I knew I had blind spots that needed addressing. The first 20-minute phone call answered all my questions; there was no sales pitch, just a good explanation of what was on offer. I selected the Professionals package. It was worth every cent spent. Every email that I sent or phone call that I made to Kate and her team, was answered in a warm engaging and friendly manner Thank you so much Kate and Team: you exceeded my expectations and I have no doubt that I will use your expertise and wisdom again.”

Phil Wagner

“I would highly recommend to everyone Kate Langford services. Specially if you feel lost and do not from where to start. Thanks for all the coaching, and for my sharping resume and cover letter.”

German Cerda

“Hi Kate, I just wanted you to know that Amie, Lisa and Stevie have been amazing! I am very pleased with the outcomes of my resume and with the high level of understanding and efficiency provided by you and your team. It was an easy decision to make and I am overjoyed with the outcome of having my resume professionally written. Your team did an amazing job and I can't recommend it enough to my peers. I found them very easy to talk to, very helpful and insightful. I will definitely recommend your services to people I know. Thank you, Kate and the team. 😊”

Susan Bialowas

“I can't thank Kate & Team enough for the overhaul on my Resume. I came across Kate's consulting business on Facebook and made contact with them for a 20 minute free consultation. I then signed up for the Job Seeker Package and was really impressed with the quick turn around time with my Resume and Cover Letter which were both extremely professional and really highlighted all of my skills I have obtained from my previous employment. The interview techniques I received as part of the package were also really informative. Overall, I couldn't be happier with the experience of engaging Kate & Team.”

Amanda Thompson

“I absolutely recommend Kate to anyone looking for a new job or a new career direction! Very helpful and professional, great service! They had my resume and cover letter in just few days and was perfect!! Very happy with it!! Thank you again Kate!!”

Juls Galea

“I have had the pleasure of dealing with Kate and her team to review my cv and for a business consult. They are knowledgeable and competent in their disciplines. They combine professionalism with encouragement and make you believe you can achieve your dreams. Their down to earth approach makes it easy to talk to them.”

Rose Jordan

“Kate is excellent at creating something from nothing. I came to Kate not knowing if I was staying in my current role, or going to embark on my own business. I knew this within 10 minutes of talking with Kate. Kate helped me to start my business from scratch and gave me an excellent framework and platform to launch my business. If you don't know where to start with your new business, Kate is the woman to get you started and launch you into the entrepreneurial world.”

Amanda Levy

“Well covid made be think after 35 years same company it was time for a change. So contacted Kate Langford to start the process of my resume. Well went for first interview, and got a call back the following week for 2nd interview and today was offered the job. Can’t thank you enough Kate and team.”

Lisa Roberts

“Kate, updated my very very old Resume to reflect all my experience. Kate also did up a target cover letter for a Job I was applying for. The service was speedy and extremely proffessional. I will be using Kate's service in future. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Thanks Kate.”

Cindy Louise Alchin

“Got Kate and her team to update my resume and cover letter. Very happy with the result, looks nice and professional. Would recommend!”

Brandon Fiebig

“Cover and Resume look great would recommend getting your resume and cover done plus also having the 1 hour sessions especially if you are changing career paths like i was changing from 15 years in the one industry. At the moment still no luck with landing my dream job though. Fingers crossed this happens soon.”

Alicia Whitford

“I just wanted to thank @Kate Langford for giving me the confidence and tips to gain employment in my sector ♥️😁😁 thank you Kate so highly recommend.”

Amy Oldakerr

“Kate is very enthusiastic and inspiring in regards to what she does, but she also manages to balance that with her knowledge, practicality and realism to help you to attain whatever it is you are chasing in your working life. She has just completed a fantastic resume for me and I will not hesitate to contact her again if I need any further help. Cannot recommend her strongly enough 😊.”

Kat Brain

“Kate is a leading expert in this field and an incredible speaker. Her knowledge and charisma make her events and teachings some of Australia's absolute best.”

Bek Mugridge

“Hey Kate, starting a new job in Small Business Banking. Back to my roots doing coaching, training and credit risk reviews. The job title is Credit Manager, is a National role and I start in 4 weeks. I got the salary I was looking for. Very excited and just wanted to thank you for the program which gave me direction and clarity. Feeling blessed.”

Sue Rhind

“I cannot thank Kate enough !!! I can absolutely recommend her to everyone .... I am 52 years old and have been out of the workforce for over 3 years. Following Kate's guidance and using her new resume, I secured an interview the very first application I put Kate's method to work.....Kate has given me the confidence to put myself out there and her methods worked first time!!!”

Valetta Roberts

“Kate was great! I had a very limited time frame to submit a cover letter and Kate was able to get one done for me in just a few hours.”

Melinda Hill

“Thank you so much! I had applied for so many jobs before and had no response. The day after I applied for a job using my new resume and cover letter I received a call for an interview!”

Zoe Worner

“Hi Kate I've been meaning to contact you for a couple of weeks now but have been a bit busy. I want to thank you and your team for the assistance and insight into my career goals and just learning a bit more about my approach to job searching and all it entails. Even though I didn't sign up for a package I did get a lot out of the information you share. So, what I'm really trying to say is, after a few years of losing confidence and being in enjoyable but lower paid employment I have scored that "dream" job!. I was out of work for about 7 weeks following a contract finalising on 31 December and worked hard on maintaining positivity, treating each day as a work day, I constantly told myself I was working for me to get "that" job, and yes I had a couple of days where I fell into a hole and doubted myself but I had a response to a post I'd put on facebook. I am now Operations Manager for a local company, earning 6 figures (essentially doubling my previous income) and it wasn't an advertised job, I was in the right place at the right time. Putting a post about me and what I'm capable of was way out of my comfort zone...seriously not something I would normally do but I truly recommend it. Thank you and the team for the part you have played in getting me to where I am today. Also, I've been recommending you to anyone that will listen :).”

Sharon Braithwaite

“Thanks Kate for the hour consultation. You have given me confidence and the tools to move ahead and obtain my new dream job. I will keep you updated on my progress!”

Robyn McLean

“My experience with Kate Langford Career Consulting was a delight from beginning to end. she's professional, knowledgeable and responsive to my needs and delivered a final resume that has masterfully captured the essence of my professional career to date. Frankly I would be surprised if it didn't generate interest from prospective employers and I would recommend Kate to anyone seeking an edge in today's competitive job marketplace.. Thank you very much for everything kate - greatly appreciated!”

Rosh Perera

“Awesome evening at one of Kate's Resume Workshops. 1 hour has given me so much clarity on my career direction! Feeling so positive now! I now know what was wrong with my resume and how to fix it! I then decided to get Kate to do a resume for me and I’m thrilled with the result!”

Kyra Patterson

“I was very sceptical at first however, I reaped the benefits. I took the dive and made the payment. I did not get the job I applied for but my resume got passed on and I got a job that was so much better, no interview was required. My resume still makes an impression as I still get calls from companies that was impressed with the professional look of my resume!”

Jill. B

“Staff were super helpful and encouraging in creating clarity around skills and career direction, and explaining why certain changes should be made. Managed to land a fantastic job with their assistance”

Jo-Anne. W

“Very good service by Kate ,Zophy and team.I also have to appreciate their dedication in helping candidates.The package offered by them is really worth taking unlike others ripping off and really recommend to anyone who wants a career change and job help...Overall impressed in their resume writing,the modules and their immense help”

Ramesh. N

“I was initially hesitant to reach out, but glad I did. I requested Kate Langford Career Consulting to overhaul my CV that I have tweaked time and again over the years. I must say I am happy with the outcome”

Albert. V

“Today I received a call to say I have a fantastic opportunity to work with children,and that I got the job 🙂 . I had no confidence, and didn't no what I wanted to do .I followed Kate Langford every day with her tips and very professional advice. Because of this beautiful lady I have landed a fantastic job . Thank you Kate Langford you and your team are truly amazing for ever greatfull. Kate Langford is the best ,so what are you waiting for book that call.”

Kate C

“I just got a call for that job you helped me apply for!! I have an interview lined up for Thursday 17th June. Thank you so much for your help!”

Rachael H

“I recently engaged Kate Langford Career Consulting to assist with updating my resume and developing a structure to more clearly answer interview questions. Lisa was my first point of call and was so understanding and encouraging, I really felt she connected with me and my situation. Her work with my elevator pitch, resume and LinkedIn profile was just a breath of fresh air - exactly what it needed! I then had the pleasure of working with Zofia on my interview skills. Straight to the point (exactly how i like it) explained the structure to use and then guided me through how to develop my answers based on that structure. When I approached the team I had my dream role about to enter interview progress and I am happy to say that I actually achieved 2 job offers including my dream role. Needless to say I am ready to commence in June. I just want to thank the team for creating clarity and also inspiring confidence. Thanks to the team!”

Karyn Biggs

“Fabulous team, nothing too difficult. End result - a very professional set out resume and cover letter, job search will be a bit more fun with these! Thanks Team Kate Langford.”

Lewis Roberts

“In an hour and a half, Zofia helped me work out what I hadn't worked out in 27 years- what I really want to do. The course has everything and even includes confidence building. Kate continually adds material and keeps it up to date. I've finished the course but am still logging into the FB group for the invaluable information and support.”

Anna Biggs

“I was really impressed with the service. I wanted to make some changes after receiving my first draft, they made it easy to adjust and the service was simple and effective. They listened to what I wanted and I am very happy with the end product.”

Elly Grinter

“Great experience very professional and Happy with the outcome presented to me. Would highly recommend.”

Sara Ashrafi

“Resume & cover letter look great & fast turnaround time, thanks!”

David Lyle

“Kate Langford offers a unique combination of expertise and intuition to help job seekers evaluate where they are in their careers and where they’d like to be. She not only provides a road map of how to get there, she also helps decipher what her client’s true career goals and values are. She boosts confidence while remaining realistic about the kinds of jobs her clients could aim for and giving them the tools they need to land the job. With her extensive background in recruitment, she knows exactly what job interviewers are looking for and has a plethora of tips and tricks for job searching many people are unaware of. She is also able to blend her knowledge of the current and future job market with an assessment of a client’s skills and qualifications to recommend new career paths. Whether you’re just starting out in the workforce or looking for a career change, I highly recommend booking an appointment with Kate. ”

Leigh Robshaw

“Kate is one of the most talented and inspirational people in this field. Her passion and commitment to ensuring you achieve your career success is the beyond any expectations. Thank you for putting me on my oath to success.”

Kym Levy

“Wow, my previous resume was outdated and confusing. Kate has updated my resume to suit my dream job perfectly! Quick, friendly and very easy service. 100% recommend her to all. Thanks Kate!”

Clare Draper

“Excellent service!!! Kate has made a huge difference to my career!”

Kate Beston

“I had my 20 minute consult last month and I owed it to myself to buy a package which had my old resume fixed up and wow there's no comparison. I always thought it was me but I can see now it was my old resume and cover letter holding me back. these consultants know what they are doing and genuinely care.”

Karen Downton

“i just wanted to say a huge shoutout to Zophia and Lisa for helping to see my full potential. Kate Langford training works, had i not gone through this process with them i don't think i would've been as confident as i am now. i feel the staff at KLCC have thoroughly run through my own internal teething issues. the bonus of the program is i am capable to look back at my training materials and check my WHY. I honestly recommend everyone to get the fullpackage its worth every penny. ”

Stace Janneker

“Kate appeared on my newsfeed and I went through the reviews before approaching and just like the reviews my experience was very positive. I initially spoke to Shelley who was very empathetic and caring about my situation which I really loved. The layout they provided for my resume and cover letter was soo professional and neat it really tidied up my skills and experience in a concise manner. Going from getting rejections I am finally getting interviews and moving on to second round assessment. Thank you Kate and team.”

Aadhila Nowfil

“Kate Langford Career Consulting Firm have done an exceptional job to my resume...When I first contacted them by phone I was asked to answer a few simple questions..10 minutes at which point I received an email to answer simple questions about myself and my job preferences..Within 3days I received the first draft to look over and change where necessary...One hour later I had the resume I was after... excellent work from the staff.10 out of 10.. Professional work...Well recommend.”

Wayne Childs

“I had my Resume and cover letter re done by Kate and her amazing team. They articulated my skills in such a way I found my experience exciting. So very well presented and worded I cannot wait to apply for jobs with them. I hope to experience other packages available in the future.”

Amanda Griffiths

“I first met Kate at a seminar which I was extremely impressed with her information. I then heard from a person I came in contact with who said, YOU MUST SPEAK WITH THIS LADY, SHE'S AMAZING. Well, no second guessing, Kate was the person who they were impressed with. I believed in Kate so much that I paid for my services, because I trusted Kate so much that she understands what you want & builds a life around it for her client. I also had no qualms in paying because I was also backing myself in my ability. I wanted something that would make employers stop to take a second look. Kate & her team, Stevie, in particular, chatted with me & we both had a connection. Both Kate & Stevie are REAL, AUTHENTIC not there because it's a job. They are there for YOU. They cut to the chase where freebies generally don't. You get what you pay for. The services Kate offers are extensive & you get the backup. If you are REAL & SERIOUS about getting your self employed, contact Kate & her amazing team. I am now employed permanent part time, something that is not heard of much here on the coast now. Talking with Stevie, also helped me to know better what I wanted. If you don't call Kate & her team, then you are not serious about getting yourself into employment. I dare you to check her out.”

Rita Rumler

“Kate Langford and her team Stevie and Lisa, are a great combination of strong women, who took the time to learn about me, my likes/dislikes, what drives me, my experience and the expertise I have gained to do in my career. My CV is now a very marketable representation of 'me', has given me a greater belief in myself and a huge confidence booster. I highly recommend working with Kate Langford Career Consulting.”

Etta da Costa

“I have been working with Kate on and off for pass 5 months with my business adventure, I'm pleased to announce that my product been accepted on range me. I highly recommend Kate and her team, the knowledge that you walk away with is very useful to acheive the dreams, thank you so much.”

Linda Richardson

“Kate was direct and to the point and gave me tremendous clarity around my career and how to use a simple process to focus on the right career moves and job selection for me. I highly recommend Kate’s service as early as possible in your job search.”

Claire Austin

“Highly recommend reaching out to Kate and let her do a makeover of your resume and cover letter, I am so happy I did, it looks great, the process was easy and timely, you wont be disappointed.”

Kim Castles

“Hi Kate, I just want to thank you so much. I have listened to all your advice. I finally applied for a position myself with intense selection criteria. I addressed them all forbthe first time in a while and I have been invited to attend an interview next Thursday. I know i haven't purchased any of your packages as money is tight at the moment. You have inspired me not to give up and to go for the jobs I really want. Thank you once again!”

Louise Ireland

“Honest and Real......seriously in fifteen minutes Kate had me back on the straight and narrow. If I hadn't spoken with Kate I would have made a major career mistake. Her knowledge and advice is solid. If in doubt try Kate out.”

Jane Robinson

“I absolutely recommend Kate Langford Career Consulting. I needed my Resume and Cover Letter updated after many years. I sent all my "stuff" through, and my new look Resume and Cover letter arrived within 3 days as promised. Wow, what a transformation. It's out of this world. It's so fresh and simply amazing. I love it. Thank you so much to Lisa for all your help and patience with me.”

Dorothy McLean

“Highly recommend Kate, she is very helpful and professional. She made feel that there was hope and that I could do better.”

Heather Mitchell

“I have found Kate to be very efficient and professional, and i am very happy with the end result . I would recommend Kate in any compasity involving resume writing again thank you.”

Paul Anderson

“For anyone considering Kate Langford Career Consulting. I was at a time in my life where I was going through a major transition - I was leaving my job of 7 years and leaving my home town to move to Brisbane. I knew that I needed help with my Cover Letter and Resume`, not to mention help with the Interview process, as it had been 7 years since I had last been job hunting. I chose the Job Seeker Package. Lisa was very kind, patient and professional with me throughout the process of getting my resume` in order as well as her ability to empathise with me about the 'stresses' of moving to a new place, finding work etc.. And I could tell that she operated from her Heart. It took 9 days from the time I received my resume and cover letter to the time I was able to secure an interview and I am pleased to say that I was SUCCESSFUL in securing employment. I have also recently just applied for another position (in the same field) and it was a relief to already have had the template of the first resume` so that I could make amendments. If you are considering Kate Langford Career Consulting, please stop hesitating and give them a call. They can truly help you and support you in gaining employment.”

Katie McGrath

“I had the pleasure of working with Kate and attending her Mackay Workshop, it was very informative. Thank You Kate”

Charmaine Parker

“I spoke with Kate and had my resume and cover letter done , this has given me the confidence to move forward and stop doubting myself. Give it a got invest in yourself no one else will. 5 stars.”

Breanna Ditton

“Just wanted to say a massive thankyou! It's been some time since I've been out in the workforce after starting a family, so to say I was nervous was an understatement! Being out of action for a few years and re-entering the workforce can be a really daunting process! Kate put my mind at ease with her professional advice and expertise in everything I needed to know to be confident and successfully secure a job in no time at all, from how to conduct myself in an interview to aiding me in the perfect resume to attract potential employers attention and giving me the confidence and advice I needed for the interviewing process. Was such a breath of fresh air to stumble upon you Thankyou again and I will definately be recommending you to anyone that is in the same position I was in the future.”

Laura Jane Ward

“Kate is professional and gives wonderful advice, always tailoring it to who you are and what you wish to achieve... i would 100% recommend her to anyone looking to make a career change or just wanting to up the anti in their current position.”

Gina Suridge

“Absolutely... So yesterday after asking Kate to redo my resume I was offered a role for a Company in my Sporting area... Dream job Dream industry... I am so excited and can't wait to start...”

Natalie F Boribon

“knows what you need and how you can accomplish it.”

Sue Sloan

“Kate is a lovely person. Chatting to her in my free 15 mins consult, Kate understood what I was needing, even though I couldn’t get the right words out lol. I sent Kate my resume and hoped for the best. Kate wrote a cover letter for me and it was amazing! I would higher myself if I had to read this as an employer, so grateful. My resume had been written short and sweet, to show my experiences and my strengths. I would definitely recommend Kate Langford.”

Cathy Salerno Alati

“As the famous saying goes, “If you always do what you've always done, you will always get what you've always got”. It was time for me to take a different approach to my job applications due to lack of success and Kate was there to help. She was amazing in her clarity and direction with a total change to how I was presenting my selection criteria responses. Also her recent Facebook tip advising how to tackle a Cover Letter is so accurate as I received this feedback from an prospective employer in the past. Kate was accommodating with a short deadline which was greatly appreciated. Thanks Kate, I’ll be in touch when I get the call to attend the interview. Cindy.”

Cindy Newman

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