We take a holistic deep dive into who you are as a person, and not just your career history.
We'll help you create actionable steps to work towards your future life and career goals.


Owner, Founder & Business Coach

Kate is passionate about helping people find empowerment and fulfillment in life and work. She has over 16 years experience in Human Resources, Recruitment, and 7 years owning a Resume Writing business. She holds Diplomas of Counselling, Human Resources, and Management. She's helped over 5000 clients gain confidence and land their ideal role.

Savours - Honesty, no fluff, and camping.
Could do without - Negativity, tomatoes, and arrogance.


Client Success Manager / PA to Kate

With over 16 years in customer service management within hospitality and retail, Tess is a whizz when it comes to going above and beyond for our clients. She loves her job because she genuinely loves to help and uplift people, and give clients confidence when making positive change in their lives.

Savours - Food made with love, meditation, new experiences, and high energy.

Could do without - Close mindedness, dishonesty, and waste.


Head Career Coach


With a Bachelor of Business Management/HR, Zofia has extensive experience in Training and Assessing, Career Coaching, Resume Writing and facilitation of job-seeking courses across multiple industries. She has now completed over 500 consults with her upfront and honest approach that will challenge you to think outside the box and reach your full potential.

Savours - Living a full life, helping others, Latin dancing, and Sunday markets.
Could do without - Pessimism, long winters, and salt & vinegar chips.


Career Coach

Bachelor in Communications (Public Relations) and Graduate Diploma in Psychological Science. Experience working in public relations, administration, customer service and sales. She loves to connect, build genuine relationships and indentify problems to find the best solution. Having been at KLCC in a Career Consultant role, Sam is now a Career Coach having shown her passion and depth of understanding clients needs for purpose and passion in their role.

Savours - My family and friends, hiking and being outdoors, and documentaries.
Could do without - Negativity, unkindness, and being cold.


Career Consultant

With over 15 years’ experience working across customer-focused industries, Ashtin’s most recent knowledge stems from Recruitment and Employment Services. Having worked with job seekers and employers through the recruitment process, Ashtin brings a holistic understanding of the job market, is drawn to helping others and is passionate about hearing people’s experiences.

Savours - Gardening, dancing and board games.
Could do without - Spiders, dishonesty and food containing sultanas.


Career Coach


Career Consultant

With years of experience in recruitment, community care, and tourism, Holly has developed a passion for understanding people and what makes them tick. Her experience has given her a keen intuition when understanding others, enabling her with the ability to guide others on their path to becoming their best selves.

Savours - Honesty, astrology and the perfectly cooked steak.
Could do without - Chalkboards, pessimism and low cut jeans.


Client Success Team

With a Bachelor's degree in Business, majoring in Human Resource Management, and experience working in multiple industries from government, recruitment, hospitality, real estate, and photography, Elin knows the ins and outs of chasing that dream job and/or career. She has a passion for helping others achieve their dreams through hard work, and her bubbly personality and compassionate nature is contagious.

Savours - Animals, coffee, and dancing like no one's watching!
Could do without - Insects (petrified), building flat packs, and unkind people.


Client Success Team

With over 6 years in the Recruitment world across industries including Manufacturing, Construction, Mining, and White-collar roles, she has a natural flair for knowing what clients want and how to word it to make them stand out! She knows the ins and outs when it comes to HR, how to be seen, and really goes the extra mile for clients.

Savours - Surfing, cake, and a tidy house.

Could do without - Seafood and moths.


Resume Writer

Graduated from the University of Wollongong with a Bachelor of Creative Arts, Creative Writing, minoring in English Literature. She is a freelance journalist and has been a sub-editor for the digital publication Chattr. She loves writing resumes to give people the confidence they need when they struggle to find the words for themselves.

Savours - Reading, family, and turtleneck sweaters.
Could do without - Bigotry, driving, and summer.


Head Resume Writer

Experience in Healthcare, Resume Writing, and Professional Writing, and holds a Bachelor of Social Science and a Masters of Physiotherapy Studies.

Savours - Spending time with family, travelling, and being creative.

Could do without - Arrogant people, traffic jams, and waste.


Resume Writer

Over 15 years in Recruitment and well versed in a wide range of industries. She knows what recruiters are looking for and loves helping people get their dream job. Bachelor of Business Majoring in HR.

Savours - Coffee, cats, and travelling.
Could do without - Exercise, litter, and, Turkish delight.


Resume Writer

With over 2 years experience in Recruitment, 8+ years in Administation, Sales and Finance, Sarah is fueled by a passion for helping people find the right role for them. She holds a Bachelor of Behavioural Science and Business. Her lifelong mission is to help the greatest number of people into careers they will thrive in.

Savours - Animals, dancing, and family time.
Could do without - Drivers that don't indicate, migraines, and assumptive people.


Resume Writer

With a Bachelor & Masters in Education and 15 years industry experience, Katie is passionate about lifelong learning and helping others to succeed. A natural lover of the English language, she enjoys finiding the right words to sell your story and land you that dream job.

Savours - Family, the beach, and mangoes.
Could do without - Mosquitoes, slow drivers, and cucumbers.


Resume Writer

Background in journalism, sub-editing, and communication with a double degree in Business/Journalism and a PhD in Communication and Arts. Having taught university students for more than 10 years, Lauren is passionate about helping others to communicate effectively and to achieve their goals.

Savours - Family, beach holidays and good television drama.
Could do without - sardines, judgemental people, long call wait times.


Resume Writer

Louise is a freelance writer and editor with over 15 years in technology roles, including team leadership, recruitment and career mentoring. Having also worked in law enforcement and the health and fitness industry, she has a passion for using her diverse experience to help others find a pathway to a career they love. She is completing an Associate Degree in Professional Writing and Editing.

Savours -Travelling/camping, writing, mentoring.
Could do without - Laziness, bigotry, inappropriate apostrophes.

"I love this work because we get to help people who are ready and determined to make a difference in their lives. We get to inspire new beginnings that bring out the best in people. We get to see people beam with new confidence when they get the job they love. It's an amazing feeling."

Kate Langford

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