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We take a holistic deep dive into who you are as a person, and not just your career history.
We'll help you create actionable steps to work towards your future life and career goals.


Owner, Founder & Business Coach

Kate is a passionate business owner, action taker and thought leader who is motivated by helping people achieve results and find fulfillment in business, careers, and life. Being a multiple business owner, Kate’s career started with over 16 years of experience in Human Resources and recruitment. She holds Diplomas in Counselling, Human Resources, and Management. She's helped over 5000 clients gain confidence, structure, strategy, and revenue generation within their businesses.

Savours - Honesty, no fluff, and camping.
Could do without - Negativity, tomatoes, and arrogance.


Head Career Coach

Shandre is passionate about empowering people to unlock their true potential by finding purpose and passion in Business. Coming from an Employment Relations and Human Resource Management background, working in corporate settings, she has worked with employees that find themselves unhappy in the workplace and understands that success starts at the forefront of doing work that you truly enjoy and are passionate about.
Savours - The ocean, kindness, cooking (and eating)

Could do without - Chives, laundry, spiders


Career Coach

After a number of years in the legal sector and recruitment, Tanya brings a wealth of knowledge to the KLCC team including a passion for helping career changers to find their inner confidence and self-worth. She also enjoys helping our clients to be equipped for the job searching process.

Savours - Recipe books, running and holiday research (more than the holiday!)

Could do without - Parking in new areas, thoughtless people, and burnt toast.


Career Consultant

With a long and colourful history in leadership, business development and ultimately people, it’s safe to say that Jules has just about done it all! Notorious for being one of those exceptionally positive people, she harnesses this attribute as her biggest superpower. Jules is passionate about helping clients navigate the world of careers using her glass half full attitude to turn complex roadblocks into straightforward solutions.

Savours - Coffee, gym and family time

Could do without - Grocery shopping, slow drivers in fast lanes & winter


Career Consultant

Cyan brings strong experience inducting, training, and managing staff within an international company. Most recently, her experience within Employment Services saw her working with both employers and individuals seeking employment. While working with participants and local Businesses to create opportunities for those looking to take the next step in their career journey, she found a passion for helping people grow and develop. Cyan loves self-development, learning new things and getting to know people.

Savours - coffee, beach and family days

Could do without - discrimination, spiders, frizzy hair!


Career Consultant

Felicity is passionate about helping people achieve their wildest dreams and goals! With a background in Leadership Development, Training, Coaching and Business Development, training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming & Coaching Excellence, Felicity loves to bring out the best in people. She is a busy, working mum of 3 beautiful children and knows the challenges parents face navigating careers alongside parenthood and is especially passionate about helping Mums & women have the career of their dreams so they can ‘Have Your Cake And Eat It Too’!

Savours - Weekend kids sports, Red Wine & State of Origin! #QLDER

Could do without - Craft, poor customer service & sand on the floor


Business Advisor

Bridget is an entrepreneur with a passion for innovation, empowerment and relationship cultivation. Describing business as ‘her favourite sport’, Bridget founded PearlBar in 2014, an award-winning sustainable oral care range securing global retailers including Macy's, Neiman Marcus, Saks 5th Ave, Holland & Barrett and more. Bridget loves values-driven businesses, supporting women in business and assisting in transitioning people from the corporate world to self-employment.

Savours - Being her best self, being a positive influence and pizza shapes

Could do without - Being late, pretentiousness, mess


Business Support Manager

Amie has evolved with the growth of Kate Langford Consulting and has been involved in most parts of the organisation over the last 4+ years. As a previous small business owner herself, she has undertaken diverse event management and content creation, while also ensuring business operations run smoothly. She has a knack for problem-solving and a passion for helping other business owners to thrive and live their best life.

Savours - Surfing, cake, and a tidy house.

Could do without - Seafood and moths.


Client Success Team

With a Bachelor's degree in Business, majoring in Human Resource Management, and experience working in multiple industries from government, recruitment, hospitality, real estate, and photography, Elin knows the ins and outs of chasing that dream job and/or career. She has a passion for helping others achieve their dreams through hard work, and her bubbly personality and compassionate nature is contagious.

Savours - Animals, coffee, and dancing like no one's watching!
Could do without - Insects (petrified), building flat packs, and unkind people.


Resume Writer

With qualifications in Psychology and Education and a diverse range of experience, Bec is passionate about making a difference and enjoys immersing herself in each of her writing projects. As a recruiter, she knows what employers are looking for, and loves showcasing the personal attributes of her clients.

Savours - Coffee, sausage dogs, The Office.
Could do without - Spiders, traffic, late nights


Resume Writer

With 4 years of experience as a professional writer, Kaveen has thrived in the industry thanks to a diverse skillset. Currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy, he has hands-on experience in the health sector as well as the education, sports, and science fields. Kaveen is passionate about writing the perfect resumes to help clients land their dream careers, and he will go above and beyond to bring out the best in people.

Savours - Staying healthy, self-improvement and epic fantasy novels.
Could do without - Complacency, wasting time, sleepless nights.


Resume Writer

Currently studying a Bachelor in Business majoring in Human Resource Management along with a passion for all things careers, Rachael brings a wealth of knowledge to the KLCC writing team. She has demonstrated experience working across a range of divisions including talent acquisition, project management, and administration within Government and Private sectors.

Savours - Family, juice and travel.
Could do without - Pickles, bad manners and hot weather.



Creating a team environment and client experience that brings connection to a deeper level to seek to understand, get curious, give, take, and care within the human interaction.


To take feedback with an open mind, through asking questions and continually working on self-growth and self-awareness. Owning the mistakes, taking responsibility without deflection or blame.


Through having buy-in to what you do each day and commitment to the process, you will take the time to think, problem-solve and ask for help when needed without having an ego.


I will always remain positive, glass half full and find ways to improve, without excuses. Maintaining a solution-focused mindset and finding ways to stretch ourselves, is part of our motto and way of life in all we do.


I will, in every opportunity, give thanks, make positive comments,and share gratitude to my team and environment to empower othersto feel good about themselves. I will praise and accept praise fromthose around me to create a positive vibe.


"I love this work because we get to help people who are ready and determined to make a difference in their lives. We get to inspire new beginnings that bring out the best in people. We get to see people beam with new confidence when they get the job they love. It's an amazing feeling."

Kate Langford