Who is Kate Langford?

I am the Founder and Principal Consultant at Kate Langford Career Consulting based on Sunshine Coast. I have over 15 years of professional work experience as a leading Search & Selection Recruiter, HR Manager as well as managing some top leading recruitment agencies across Australia. With this incite and real experience, I have gained amazing insight into the job searching” market and how best to present yourself to help secure your dream job!
I have a proven track record of successful consulting to my clients because I truly understand the candidate vs employer relationship and the effects this has on the recruitment process. I have a real passion to be able to help people move through such an important part of their life, which effects ALL other areas!
With my passion and experience combined, it allows me to bring a unique perspective to my clients to know exactly what the employer is searching for when it comes to talent, resumes, interviews, negotiations and more!
With a Diploma in Counselling, Diploma of HR and Diploma of Management, I really focus on what it is that YOU can bring to the table and help put your BEST foot forward in your career search. I have a huge PASSION for helping people be the best they can be in their careers and I love to instil confidence in ALL my clients.
It is not just about being able to work out your skill set, writing the best resume, knowing how to search for a job or interview skills, it is about YOU bringing the best version of YOURSELF to the table and showing employers what you are made of and why they should hire YOU!

I love to inspire and help create a better career which in turn creates a happier lifestyle! With young children myself, I understand pressures of family life, working, balance and trying to be able to do everything! We need to remember though.. why can’t we have our cake and eat it too!?

What can Kate help you with?

  1. Assess your passions, skills, abilities and true potential.
  2. Become more self-aware
  3. Define your career goals
  4. Manage your career expectations realistically
  5. Deal with your emotional side in your professional life
  6. Boost your levels of confidence
  7. Put your finger on the pulse of the  hidden job market

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