8 truths that will unlock your potential

Do you have any limiting beliefs? Most of us do, but if we become more aware of them, we can learn to address or ignore them. Quite often they’re straight-up lies, that we’ve been taught to believe, although usually unintentionally. If you’re serious about achieving your professional goals, these are some truths that I want you to keep with you:

You won’t get what you want if you don’t ask for it

You’re the only one in control of your life and career. Want a pay rise/ more training/ a promotion/ advice from someone who inspires you/ a new job – ask for it! What if they say YES?

Your destiny is not determined by your family or upbringing

You don’t need to be born into a family of musicians to be one yourself. You don’t need to be rich to get rich. You don’t need to settle for a job in the mining industry if you’re born in a mining town, if that’s not what you want to do. You have the power to shape your life exactly the way you want it – and to reinvent yourself however many times you like as well! You just got to have the motivation and the discipline to go for it.

Independence is not a virtue

You don’t have to go it alone. What makes the world go round, is actually collaboration. Reach out for support and advice when you need it – people, including those you don’t know, are usually more willing to help than you might think! Here at KLCC, we get to take part of people’s successes every day, and a big part of that is the support and guidance they get through our Career Accelerator Program. We genuinely care and want to see you succeed. Who do you have on your team?

Your attitude is as important as your skills

Today’s employers are becoming increasingly aware that skills are much more teachable than attitude, motivation and drive. Don’t assume that skills alone are enough – and don’t give up on a dream just because you’re yet to learn the skills!

You can’t reach your fullest potential unless you’re open to feedback

Feedback, if provided constructively, is not in any way an attack on you as a person and only when you learn to welcome feedback and learn from it, your professional development can really start to take off.

Careers are rarely linear

In your career, you’ll most likely suffer setbacks. You’ll get laid off. Maybe even fired. Or, you’ll decide to quit yourself and take a completely different turn or start from scratch. It doesn’t make you a failure. Our experiences shape us and make us more aware of what we want and don’t want. Besides, what’s right for us at one stage of our lives may not be what’s right in the next. Changing direction is absolutely fine (and we can help you if you don’t know how to).

No one is irreplaceable

I’m sure your role is absolutely crucial to the success of the business, but that doesn’t mean you are. Thinking that you can’t leave a job because of how much they need you will most definitely hold you back in your career, if you aren’t happy.

People who can sell themselves get further in their careers

Perhaps it’s the “tall poppy syndrome”, perhaps it’s culture, perhaps lack of confidence, but in order to reach your goals, you will at times need to be vocal about your accomplishments and what you’re good at. By learning how to sell yourself, you give people a reason to trust, celebrate and invest in you. If you need it, we have both modules, tutorials and 1:1 coaching that can help you speak proudly about your talent and the value you bring!

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