An interview coach’s best tricks to calm interview nerves

Congratulations! You’re one step closer to your next career opportunity, having been invited to an interview. Only problem is, you’re feeling like a nervous wreck and fear that your nerves might get in your way of actually landing the offer. Rapid heartbeat, sweaty palms, fidgeting, shaky legs, spinning thoughts, or mind blanking… Seem familiar?

A healthy amount of nervousness is normal, and it would be strange if you felt completely indifferent about the situation, but we certainly don’t want those nerves to get the better of you and keep you from performing well when responding to their questions. This is why we’ve prepared a list of our 8 most effective tricks to ease your nerves, so that you can feel more calm and collected when walking into an interview that could mean the start of something great!

1. Reframe nervous to excited!

Did you know that anxiety, nervousness, and excitement are basically the same physical state in your body and mind?? The only difference is that excitement is a positive emotion‚ focused on all the ways something could go well, rather than the negative emotion which has the opposite effect. So, before the interview, make it a mantra, telling yourself that you’re EXCITED – again and again! That way you can still allow yourself to feel amped up, without it being a bad thing. It’s hard, some would say impossible, to directly control your feelings, but you can control your thoughts which in turn affect how you feel. Your brain always listens, so think to yourself (or better yet, say it out loud!) that you’re excited for all the good things that can happen if you do well, rather than worrying about the consequences of performing poorly. It’s been said before, but I’ll say it again: mindset is everything!

2. Look at the interview as a fun conversation

It may seem like a far stretch, but really, you get to walk into that room and talk about the things you love to do (*if you’re going for a job you actually would enjoy, that is) and about what you do well! You could also see it as an opportunity to teach someone about the things you know how to do. Explaining things we’re competent in rarely makes us nervous, and chances are that the hiring manager can’t actually do your particular job, so take the chance to educate them on how someone (you) would do that job really well!

3. See in yourself what they see in you!

Acknowledge the fact that these people already think you’re pretty awesome. They already see you as someone that can most probably do the job, and whom they would be happy to take onboard – now they just want to get to know you a bit better! Imagine how many applicants they might have had apply to their job posting and how qualified you must be in their eyes in order to be shortlisted. Leave that self-doubt at the door, remind yourself of your skills and accomplishments, and try to look at yourself through their eyes – you were chosen for a reason!

4. Come prepared!

This one is a given, but it must be said – having done your research about the role, the company, and the interviewers properly, knowing your answers to the most common questions, and going in with pre-developed stories that demonstrate that you have the skills and abilities they ask for will 100% ease your nerves. If you struggle to know how to best prepare your answers, just reach out to us – working with a professional coach will help you understand how to articulate your worth and your stories in the best way.

5. Start your day right!

Get a good night’s sleep, eat and drink well, get some fresh air, and do whatever else you can to feel at your best. Not eating just because you’re nervous will not do you any good. And make sure you don’t stress on the day by having pre-planned and ironed your outfit, leaving the house in good time, and anything else that help keep your stress levels at bay. I also recommend listening to upbeat, fun, and confidence-boosting music. Music is scientifically proven to have the ability to change our mood, so why not use those powers to get into the right state of mind for your interview? Part of the strategy is to switch your focus and stop you from filling your head with negative thoughts, replacing it with energy and good vibes!

6. Smile!

Smiling has a calming effect, makes us feel more confident, and triggers all sorts of feelgood hormones in our body, and, as a bonus, it makes people like us more! Interviewing isn’t only about the answers you give, it’s how you come across as a person and how likeable you seem. Remembering to smile will help with all of those things.

7. Come to terms with the fact that mistakes can happen, and it’s okay.

In the eyes of most employers, motivation and adaptability are way more important than perfectionism. Interviewers are human, too, and they’re not expecting you to be perfect. Instead, remember the real motivation of why you want this job, why you’d enjoy it, and why this company would be so great to work for, rather than the paycheque or that you simply have the skills to do the job. Walk in there with those deeper incentives close to heart. If you can show passion for what you do, any imperfections or mistakes will quite easily be disregarded.

8. Remember that not all the pressure is on you!

As much as you want to work for them, they’re also really hoping you’re the one. The company clearly has a gap that you can fill, a need that you can help them out with, and if you can be the one to solve their problems, they should feel lucky to have you. Of course, you should have some questions you need answered, too, in order to know that this company is indeed worthy of your precious time and effort. They know they need to make a good impression, too. In other words, the interview is just as much for you as it is for the company, and reminding yourself of that can be a good way to help you stay composed during your interview.

We hope that these 8 tips will help calm your nerves for your next interview and hopefully get you the job offer! Just remember, if it doesn’t make you nervous at all, it’s probably not a job opportunity that’s going to push you to grow outside the comfort zone…
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