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Putting off job applications until COVID passes? Do this instead!

Have you been thinking of a career change for a while but feel discouraged by what the world and the job market currently looks like? Or maybe you’re unemployed and waiting for the government to make decisions or holding off job searching until there are “more jobs” to go for?

It is no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has made a significant impact on most industries. While this is true, we hear of people landing new jobs and pivoting their careers every day!

As I’m writing this, there are over 125,000 jobs available on Seek, just as many on LinkedIn and thousands more on the hidden job markets that you might not even know of (yet)!

I know job searching during a global crisis may feel very discouraging, but we’re straight shooters here at Kate Langford Career Consulting, so here’s the truth: What the millions of people who are waiting for the job market to improve are doing, is wasting precious time.

Time is the only commodity we never get back, so do yourself a favour and act now! Pursuit your career anyway or at least set yourself up for future success in the best way possible! 

In three summarised points, here’s how you do it:

# 1- Dare to Dream of a New Career Path:

Our mantra is “Do what you love – not just what you’re good at” so take this opportunity to figure out what that is and then lay out a plan how you can get there! Take a short course, join an online forum, build on your web of connections, do research into the industries and companies that you can see yourself working for, try out something new, listen to podcasts or read a book about how people have made it happen in the past, the list goes on… And of course, if you’re struggling to find that purpose or you have a few ideas but not sure which one to go for, know that we’re here to help. An hour one-on-one coaching session will help you get that clarity.

# 2 - Master your Skillset

          in job searching, networking, resume writing and interviewing. How many of the following questions can you answer yes to Are you relying on Seek and the other common job searching engines to provide your next job opportunity? Are you using an old or boring resume that simply lists what you have done, but doesn’t properly portray what you want to be doing? Are you keeping your career dreams to yourself? Do you tend to “wing it” when you’re being interviewed? Are you generally feeling overwhelmed with how much work it seems to take to even land that interview? Even if you just answered yes to one of these questions, we can help. Looking for a job isn’t as straightforward as it used to be, and in the current climate, know that it is usually the one who’s most prepared, proactive and persistent who gets the job.

# 3 - Change your Mindset Ready for your New Career:

          Are you self-sabotaging by not believing in yourself and allowing opportunities to open up for you? There’s a saying that goes “Whether you believe you can or you can’t, you’re usually right”. In other words, you must start believing that there are jobs out there, that you do have what it takes and that this unfortunate situation is, in fact, a blessing, not a curse. Are the things you’re telling yourself actually true? Has your perception of what you’re capable of been tainted by past experiences or what other people say? What would you do differently if you didn’t have those unsupportive voices whispering into your ear? Our thoughts as more powerful than you might think and we must become truly aware of how they’re holding us back, to flip that around. Enjoying what you do for work is within reach, but you need to believe it first! 

Want a Career Change?

Putting your career on hold doesn’t have to be an option, even during these uncertain times. As long as you know what your goals are, and you’re willing to work for them, there will be job opportunities, but remember – you need to be proactive, and you need to stay positive. Job applications during COVID CAN be successful!

Don’t wait for the right opportunity. Create it.

Book in for a free 20-minute career strategy session with one of our consultants, so you can start taking action today!