Case Study – From public to the private sector and gets a 30% pay increase!

Karen had lost all confidence and hope, then one day she got a message on LinkedIn. The result? A job offer, a 30% pay increase and an improved belief in herself. This is the short version of how Karen got a job she loves, not just one she can do.

Karen had been working in local government finance roles for over two decades and wanted something different, in a company with a great culture. Imposter syndrome had hit her hard. In previous attempts to get out, she had been unsuccessful in interviews for jobs she knew she was qualified for, but she wasn’t able to articulate why she was passionate about what she does.

After three 1:1 coaching sessions, she started to feel more confident. I could see the passion coming back and I knew she’d be successful if she just followed the steps in our Career Accelerator Program, and if she didn’t lose the belief that an industry change is indeed possible.

As you might know, job hunting can take time. Karen felt exhausted and decided to take a break. And then – a new message in the LinkedIn inbox! It was from a talent acquisition specialist, wanting to have a chat. A chat led to an interview, that lead to a job offer with a very well-respected organisation that provides roadside service, insurance, and travel.

In the email she sent us, she cheerfully says it’s an innovative organisation that supports flexible working hours and locations as well as training and development and opportunities for career progression.

On top of that, she also managed to negotiate a 30% pay increase, having watched our member-exclusive tutorial on how to best negotiate salary.

LinkedIn truly is a career tool to count on into the future! Karen is one of many who have been headhunted after having had her profile overhauled by our team.

Karen finishes off her email with “Please pass my thanks onto all of the team as you’re all doing amazing work and the service you offer is definitely worth every cent I paid for it”.

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