Case Study – Marie was at a crossroads in her career, over 50 and had ALOT on her plate!

Marie has played/coached netball for over 40 years and had a solid network in Victoria. However, with her current contract ending and having an interstate move to Queensland planned for the end of the year, she wasn’t sure what her next step in her career would look like and how to go about the job searching process.

She found Kate’s free webinar and decided to attend, which inspired her to keep going. A few weeks later, she had a chat with Sam, one of our lovely career consultants, and decided to join the Career Acceleration Program, which would walk her through the six steps of landing the ideal job, one by one.

For step 1 – career clarity – she was able to come into the office for a face-to-face coaching session. While she had ideas around changing career path completely, and she would certainly have enough transferrable skills to do so, it became clear that she had a genuine passion for sports and should really just listen to her heart, which told her to go back to what she loves. Relieved to know her direction, she was still worried how she would be able to make the dream reality.

A quote I love is “The only step you ever need to take…..is the next one.” – isn’t that so true?

I encouraged her to take a deep breath and trust the process. We’re on her team and we have complete faith in the efficiency of our program.

Next step was the resume overhaul and understanding how to sell herself on paper, which our professional writers successfully did for her. I say successfully, because after working her way through the other steps, she landed an interview on Jan 4th for her ideal employer, Netball Queensland, and then eagerly awaited their reply. A couple of weeks later, she sent us an email.

“I start in my new position on Tuesday and can honestly say the work I did with Zofia and the team helped me immensely in being successful. Updating my resume, LinkedIn profile and sharpening my interview skills helped me enormously in being confident and polished.”

Marie is proof that you can get the job you want, even well into your 50s, in a tough job market, during the Christmas holiday season, in a new state, without much prior knowledge on how to look for jobs or interview. You just need to be willing to learn and to stick to the 6 steps of the program. That’s all it takes – and you can do it too! If you’d like to know more, let’s arrange a Zoom call! It’s cost- and obligation free – find a time that suits you on this link. We can’t wait to chat!

Don’t wait for the right opportunity. Create it.

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