3 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Changing Career and How to Avoid Them

We get asked all sorts of questions here at KLCC but one that comes up a lot is…

“What’s the secret to successfully change careers?”

And although this seems like a great question, I feel it’s one that the answer is neither helpful or that simple to answer.

Because there is no magic secret or formula I can give you in just a few minutes, that can map out your future career path?!

Does that make sense?

This is your career and it deserves a lot of thought and time to get it right, not a magic fix it line full of false hope from me.

There is a better question though…

“What specific mistakes do people make when trying to make a career change and how can I avoid them?”

Because avoiding mistakes on what doesn’t work is a lot better than trying to find 1 answer to suit everybody’s individual situation.

And can help you see where people go wrong.

It’s from the lessons we learn what to do right. Not someone giving us the answer 🙂

So here are 3 much more helpful tips than any “secrets” I can tell you.

#1 – Jumping too far ahead

Having clear steps on where you are heading is important.

So many times I have clients that want the golden nugget at the end without doing the digging.

They want to change their industry and job role all in one.

Our rule of thumb here is one or the other.

Stay in a similar position and slide across into a new industry


Move up in the same industry, either in the company you are in or another.

The reason we recommend this is because you need to demonstrate your skill set and how it is relevant to the job.

But if you are trying to do both at the same time, you will appear to be lacking experience in both areas and this would be a lot of work to train.

Something companies have little time for.

Leaving you less likely to land the job and leaving you frustrated!

Once you have experience in the NEW industry or job role, you can then make the move to the next change you want to make.

Map it out and give yourself a reasonable timeframe to hold yourself accountable.

If you are sick of going round in a circle with these questions, you can chat with our team for free here.

#2 – Thinking study will land you the job

Another thing we see a lot is people who have spent a lot of time studying and then still cannot land a job.

We are not bagging study and for some jobs, this is very important.

However, it’s not the be-all or end-all.

Employers also want to see your skills and experience you can bring to the team.

This leads us back to step one.

Here’s a great example:

You work in customer service but you want to become a Medical Administrator or receptionist

You take a Medical Receptionist certificate and start applying for roles.

Nothing… crickets… frustrating!

Experience is as valid as certificates.

In this case, you would need the certificate but I would also be recommending you work on the experience first, in entry-level admin roles and then shifting across into Medical.

Making sense so far?

#3 – The Resume isn’t selling you into the right position

Now you know what you want, you have a realistic plan and you know if you really have to study or not.

The next thing I see going wrong is the Resume & Cover Letter.

It may look good or sound good but it’s totally focused on the old you

Not the new you with a new career direction.

That’s why I would recommend you redo and refocus your Resume

Remember you are wanting to carry your skills from your past role or industry into the new one.

It has to be written clearly because you may be going up against people who may have experience in the industry and job position.

So you need to STAND OUT!

If you feel writing isn’t your thing or need some help with that we have a talented team to help with this. Click here to read more about this.


In order to change careers confidently and concisely, don’t ask for the secret ask what doesn’t work and avoid making these mistakes.

  1. Don’t jump too far ahead – Create a realistic plan, with either a position change/ industry change.
  2. Studying doesn’t guarantee you the job – think wisely about what you want and if it’s necessary.
  3. Your Resume isn’t helping you – Create a Resume that sells you into the new job role or industry to get opportunities for change.

Even though it sounds easy, making a career change in any way can be frustrating. Most of us question whether we are doing the right thing. A lot of people get stuck in a rut and spend precious time to work it all out in the perfect form.

If this is you then I would love to invite you to a free Career Strategy Session. This will help you delve into what’s holding you back and discuss a way to move forward and start seeing results 🙂


The 3 Things you MUST have in order to secure an interview… besides a Resume

When you are selling yourself on paper into a role, it’s not easy. Writing something about yourself that is powerful, persuasive and intriguing isn’t for the faint-hearted.

Hearing Crickets back from applications is extremely disheartening but most people look at the Resume as being the problem.

But today I wanted to share with you the 3 MUST have’s to secure that job interview, besides a kickass Resume.

#1 – Know where the train is headed

All aboard the Hogwarts express! I know what you’re thinking, what are you talking about? Well, let me explain.

When HR or recruiter is looking over your Resume they become the reader.

And a reader is who you are trying to impress or sell your story too.

When you write your resume and apply for jobs you need to know what type of roles you want and for which companies, that way you can write the right words on the paper.

Just imagine JK Rowling trying to sell her story to men and women who liked documentaries or science-based genres.

They wouldn’t be the right audience and her words wouldn’t suit the reader’s goals or expectations, which equals zero successful outcomes.

Instead, she writes from the heart and knows who they are and what they want.

Because of that… they are hooked. They must know more…

Okay, I know a Resume is hardly a Harry Potter Adventure.

But dragons or not, you still need to engage your reader and by knowing what you want so you can impress and create a need to meet with you.

Increase chances… here you come!

Need some help to know what you want or need a complete career change click here for some hot tips.

#2 – Think outside the box with job searching

Everybody is trying to fit inside the box… you know the one I mean right?

SEEK of course. The number 1 platform for landing a job. And don;t get me wrong, it’s a very powerful tool but if this is your only source of applications, well my friend you are in for a longgggg job searching process.

The reason it will take so long is that over 1.5 million people search seek every month and each application can have between 100-500 applications at one time.

Let’s be honest, even the best HR staff don’t have that much time.

Therefore, it’s pretty hard to stand out, even with a great Resume!

Do some homework and start brainstorming where-else you could find jobs, getting talking to people and start thinking of how you can be unique in a sea of applications.

If you would like more help with this click here to chat with our team and unlock our Job Searching secrets to save you the hassle.

#3 – Resilience

The job searching process takes TIME. I had a client come to me the other day so frustrated that he couldn’t find a job… it had been 3 weeks.

Yes, he needed a job but these things take time. You have to apply for jobs and keep applying.

If you aren’t hearing back you need to reassess the 2 points above plus your Resume.

To check it’s not your Resume holding you back click here and download our Resume essentials guide.

Then get your mindset in a healthy place. Because the job searching world isn’t easy and can be disheartening.

You MUST keep going, be resilient and do the strategies that work. You got this 🙂

If you need any help or want to ask questions on how we can best serve you to make your career goal a reality…

Take advantage of one of our free consult slots, reserved just for people like yourself who are serious about getting results, without the fluff… book in today by clicking here.

Hope this helps

Kate & team

KLCC – Career Specialists

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3 Reasons Why December is the Best Time of Year to Look for a New Job!

“3 reasons December is the best time of year to look for a new job”

Funny enough we see December as one of our busiest months here at Kate Langford Career Consulting. Which is funny because you think people would be saving their budget for presents. Yet, for us, people seem more motivated than ever this time of year to land that dream job!

They are willing to do whatever it takes to make 2020 their best year to date! So put on the Christmas songs and start applying for that dream job you’ve been procrastinating on all year!! Because December is the best time of the year to do it! And here’s why…

#1 – New beginners buzz

You know the story… you’ve heard it before! Maybe you’ve even said it! “Next year I’m going to find a new job I love!” and even though only 5% of people will take action on this, that’s a 5% increase in action takers and job openings you will be gaining! These people are wanting to land their new job in the new year and that leaves plenty of opportunities for you to sneak in 😊 The flux of openings can also send employers into a frenzy, wanting to organise and plan for the start of the year, for their most productive year to date! They are looking for dedicated, hard-working and passionate staff… that’s you right?

#2 – Take advantage of the advantage!

Ah, the silly season! Everybody is on a fluffy cloud dreaming of all the things they want to come their way in 2020! No one is dreaming about all the Resumes and Selection Criteria they should send off! That’s why December is a great time to take advantage of the people who are too caught up in Xmas to focus on job searching to their full potential! So what are you waiting for? Create your schedule and get those applications off, while everyone is off being distracted by lights and Xmas pudding!

#3 – Big up the budget

Companies do a lot of research into the end of the year in regards to their budgeting. They do this to see leaks needing to be fixed and where they need more resources for the coming year. This often brings the opportunity for job openings that have your name all over them. And as we talked about above, employers what this all organised before the new year! You just need to know where to look and ensure that Resume sells you into an interview!

Great advice but still feeling overwhelmed?

We know first hand the job searching journey can be brutal and frustrating at the best of times. But after 15 years of working in the recruitment and HR industry, we know a trick or two… or ten 😉

If you would like some help to MAXIMISE your chances of landing that job and save yourself wasted time and stress, then we would love to offer you a free strategy session where we uncover the missing components for you and come up with a strategy to help you overcome this by taking advantage of one of our services 😊

Although this call has absolutely NO obligation to purchase we hope you can see the value in our services and know they have been created by your questions, for you and tailored to your individual needs.


Speak soon

Kate & team x