do what you love

Doing What You Love, Not Just What You Are Good At

All our lives, we are told to go after occupations we possess the skill set for – basically, jobs which would secure our future and help us pay the bills and put food on the table forever. It’s sound advice, right? Who doesn’t want to be rolling in money by doing a job that’s relatively easy and that they’re good at? Some people would do anything to have a career like that but is it really the right choice?

Here’s what I think: doing something that you love as opposed to something that you’re just ‘good at,’ will ensure long-term happiness and satisfaction. Confused? Allow me to explain!

Where career satisfaction comes from

Imagine an Arts student, skilled in painting and creative writing, but they can only choose one as a career (let’s just assume). They can create brilliant masterpieces with their brush but their writing skills are far superior when compared using certain benchmarks. Their professor recommends a career in creative writing but they feel the happiest when they paint. If they take the advice of their professor, do you think they’ll be satisfied for the rest of their lives? Of course not!

The same thing applies to everyone, including marketers, accountants, engineers, doctors, bankers, salesmen, and individuals from virtually every single profession there is. You could be doing something that you are ‘skilled’ at. But that does not necessarily mean that it would bring you happiness and peace of mind.

The importance of picking the right career path

Learning along the way while doing something that you are extremely passionate about is where true happiness lies. So, pick a career path that you think you would really enjoy and apply for jobs that you feel you would absolutely love getting up for in the morning!

In the end, I would like to say that playing safe might help you secure a good job. However, listening to your heart will help you build a successful career while also leading a happy, content life!

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