How to choose the wrong career – learn from other people’s mistakes so you don’t have to!

Having worked in the recruitment and employment sector for the past 15+ years has made me notice some interesting patterns in terms of what makes people happy VS unhappy in their careers.
From all the thousands of stories I have heard, I want to highlight some of the most common mistakes people make when choosing careers, so that you can know what to avoid when making your own career decisions!

Take everyone else’s advice

The fact of the matter is: no matter how much you trust someone – no one knows you they way you do. People’s advice may be provided with the best of intentions, but it can have detrimental effects on your life and livelihood if you don’t ask yourself first what it is that YOU actually want, in every situation.

Focus on salary alone

While we do need a level of financial security to enjoy the good things in life, money alone isn’t a measure of happiness. Instead, money should follow if you do what you love and you do it well.

Go to university, no matter what

Not only do tertiary education not come with a work guarantee, not all jobs will require a university degree, even despite what the job ads might say! Experience will always be more favourably looked upon than theory, and if you do choose to study, make sure you consider your options carefully and don’t jump into that type of commitment too quickly. There’s also an abundance of shorter, more targeted, courses out there today, and they’re more accessible than ever.

Decide first, then check if you actually like it

Whether your chosen career path requires you to study or not, please save yourself the time, effort and money by exploring how you truly feel about your future profession and industry first. Ask all your questions to people who already work in the field, volunteer, try an internship or a lower-level job in the same type of company, do your research, whatever you have to do to ensure you don’t end up looking back in regret.

Stop learning once you’ve found a job you like

Building on your skills and planning for the future isn’t about being ungrateful for what you have, it’s about making sure you stay on top of what you do and building on your personal brand throughout your whole career. Of course, this includes building on your professional network as well. If you don’t, you might end up with that pesky feeling of being ”stuck” – there’s another blog on that topic!

Wait until the right time

Newsflash – the perfect time to make a change will never come, so stop waiting! Life will always be busy, there’s always going to be another important project you need to complete first, you’ll never love the thought of leaving your comfort zone and your boss will never be happy about you handing in your notice to leave. Even if it’s a small first step, take one action today that moves you in the direction you want to go. Success generally happens to people who “start before they’re ready”…
If you’ve read this, resonating with one or more of these common career mistakes, it’s not too late to make a change. It never is. Get in touch with one of our career consultants and we’ll help you identify what you want, what’s holding you back and help pave out a roadmap to reach your goals. Book in for an obligation free 20 minute call here – it could change your life!

Don’t wait for the right opportunity. Create it.

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