7 Realistic Tips for Working From Home During this Crisis and Beyond

Right now, we are making history. It’s uncomfortable. It’s uncertain. And it’s pretty unsettling.

Change is one of those things that you either love and embrace or absolutely loathe.

As a global society, we’ve had to make so many changes recently, and this can be difficult to deal with for anybody. Adding in a switch to working from home and you may be feeling a bit stretched…

That’s ok!

I think the best way to cope with change is to accept that it’s happening and work with what you’ve got.

Working from home can be great – you create your own day, you can work in a way that best suits you, and you can snack whenever you want! But it can also have its drawbacks. Suddenly you’ll be driven to finish that pile of laundry, and it can be difficult to stay motivated when your kids, dog and partner are around.

As a business owner, I have had several stints of working from home over the years. Many of my friends, professional contacts, and even some of my colleagues work from home, too. Lucky for you, this means that I’ve got plenty of insider’s info to pull from!

So, I’ve compiled my 7 best, most realistic tips for working from home, just for you.

1. Boundaries

Set them. Stick to them. Working hours, physical working space boundaries, and the expectations you set for yourself. Make sure everyone at home knows them and agrees on them (yes, that includes your dog).

2. Lists

Make them. Every day. Set realistic, logical, attainable goals and tick them off as you go. It will keep you accountable and stop the overwhelm. There’s something so gratifying about checking a box!

3. Routine

This is even more important when working from home than it is in the office! Sometimes it can be easy to get bogged down and stay on your laptop all day. The brain doesn’t work like this! Space out your time away from the screen to help you maintain efficiency, and don’t forget to move your body!

4. Dress (your space) for success

I’m all about comfort when working from home. But my space must be shipshape. That means getting any bits of housework down BEFORE I sit down for the day. Keeping my desk clear also helps to keep my mind clear. I recommend playing some soft background music and keeping your workspace well ventilated.

5. Use Night Shift

Whether on your phone or computer, switch that screen to Night Shift! If you don’t have this as an inbuilt feature, there are apps available. Save your eyes and stop that screen headache!

6. Mix it up

Don’t be afraid to move around the house and try different working spaces. Sometimes sitting and staring at the same wall all day can be a little soul-crushing. Find a nice sunny spot, or try working outside in the fresh air! It can do wonders for your creativity.

7. Stay hydrated

There’s something about having a drink bottle at work or in the office that keeps me on track. When working at home, I find it difficult to reach my 8 glass goal. BUT, keeping hydrated really helps your attention, memory and will help you maintain focus for longer.

Still stuck?

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