Do you help with re-writing Resumes?

We have written over 5000 Resumes for clients and currently do over 20 per week alongside our other services. With over 15 years HR & Recruitment experience we know exactly what Empolyers are looking for to make you stand out in the sea of applications. If you are stressing, procrastinating or sending out a Resume that doesn’t sell you, let us help with our Resume and Cover Letter Overhaul, which you can grab HERE!

Do you help with Cover Letters?

Absolutely! Cover letters are essential to job aplications and compliment your Resume.

Did you know we offer a FREE Cover Letter with any Resume purchase here at KLCC! Check it out HERE!

How do I get noticed in the BIG crowd of applications?

There’s 3 componants for this.

  1. Clarity on your industry to niche your job search
  2. A killer Resume that speaks to the employer
  3. Job searchign outside the usual Seek, Jora etc.

If this is what you need we would recommend our Job Seeker Package

I’m unhappy unhappy in my job but don’t know where to start with getting a new one?

If you answered yes, then you have come to the right place. Most people it feels overwhelming applying for a job. When you break it down with us, we make it simple and have steps to follow for each part which will hopefully land you your dream job!

I would like to change my job but don’t know how. Do you help with this?

Absolutely! There is much more than just sending a resume and waiting for that phone call for an interview that may never come. We break it all down, step by step. Your strenghs, desires, skills, passions, triggers, complany, industries and job titles. If you follow through the process and the tips I provide, you are a lot closer to landing that dream job! Call our office for prices and to book in your appointment 07 5322 4086.

Do you help with changing industries?

This question can feel so overwhelming and not always an easy task. We can help with our experienced Career coaches and services. Book an appointment HERE to talk more about your story and how we can help!

Can you help me with interview preparation?

Interviews are always daunting, but what if you could have all of that stress and nerves alleviated? We can help you prepare as much as possible, so you are ready for the questions, know the tips to get noticed and feel good that you are interviewing them just as much as they are interviewing you! Get in touch to book 07 5322 4086

Want to know what your skill set REALLY is?

Everyone has a genius zone they don’t even know they have sometimes. We nut this out to find out what you can offer in a job (we take into consideration skill set, transferable skills, strengths, passions and more). In a few questions, I will have you thinking about this and even get excited about your future!

What if my passion doesn’t pay?

Focusing on passion alone ignores the demands of the market. You’re not going to get clarity by sitting around focusing on your own thoughts and ideas. In fact, you need to go out and try to think outside the box and breakdown much more than ONLY passion.

Do you want to be in the same spot a year from now?

If the answer is no, then let us help you get the motivation and all of that knowledge onto paper with a plan on how to move forward. Sometimes you need to take risk to get to where you want to be, so why not start TODAY.


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