how to interview as a recruiter

Perspective of A Recruiter – How to Interview?

Have you gone through the interview process? Of course… Everyone has! Can you think of a time when you were under immense pressure to find the right candidate, but we’re not sure how to get there?

We know that it would be extremely stressful and nerve-wracking if you were on the other side, and had to get the job at any cost. As a recruiter though, since you need to find the right candidate for the job without wasting too much time and incurring additional costs for the company, your stress is indeed on another level.

Here is a perspective of a recruiter on how to go about conducting an interview:

Prepare for the interview

Even though you have all the power when it comes to an interview, you cannot just go with the flow and see where you end up. You need to be prepared, and this means learning about the candidate as much as possible. You can go through the candidates cover letter or LinkedIn profile and make as much notes as possible to aid with the interview.

Ask the right questions

Try to ask open-ended questions because this is how you will understand their motivation for seeking a job, or a job change. For example, “Can you think of five things that you would want to change about your current job if you were the boss?” You can even match their experience, skills and credentials with the job description this way and come to a conclusion more easily.

Clarify the answers

You want to have as much information as possible so it is better if to ask follow-up questions if the candidate gives a confusing answer.

Try being an active listener

Listen to your candidate carefully, and not just hear them. Try to read between the lines to understand their priorities and purpose.

Be enthusiastic

You do not need to be grumpy when interviewing. You need to show enthusiasm which will induce a positive feeling into the candidate. This way, he/she will feel more at ease and be appreciative of the minutes spent together. 

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Book in for a free 20-minute career strategy session with one of our consultants, so you can start taking action today!