Being made redundant is extremely difficult for many as it often stirs up unwanted emotions of anger, fear, and self-doubt. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, this is a reality lots of people have been dealing with over the past 18 months. Here at Kate Langford Career Consulting, we believe there’s always a silver lining, and while being made redundant is definitely tough, it could be the spark that re-ignites your love and passion for your career when you find a perfect role.

Of course, that doesn’t always happen overnight or without some hard work, so here are our top tips for coming out on top after being made redundant:

Focus on your mindset

Being made redundant can be a big kick to your confidence. It often leaves people feeling like they’re not good enough, and they become frustrated and focus on how what’s happened to them is unfair. Getting stuck in this negative cycle prevents people from moving forward and often leads to procrastination. It’s important to take a moment…stop…and change perspective. People need to remember this isn’t a reflection of themselves or their work, but is often caused by changes within the business or the economy. At the moment, times are tough due to the pandemic, so being made redundant is not personal.

Don’t rush into another role

After a redundancy, many people rush onto job-seeking websites trying to find something—anything—that suits their skills and experience. This sense of urgency can create a muddled mind, and people often forget to think about what they actually want, not just what they can do. Employees spend so many hours at work each week, so it’s worth ensuring you love what you do during those hours.

Set new goals

Now that you’ve moved past the feeling of hopelessness, and recognised it’s time to find the right role for you, it’s now time to set some goals. What did you like about your last role? What didn’t you like? What are you looking for in an employer? Ask yourself the tough questions, then set short and long-term goals. Plan what you want your career path to look like and work towards that.

Ask for help

Your dream role is waiting for you! Sometimes it just takes some help to find it. Whether that’s a consultation to identify what you’re actually looking for in a job, assistance with resume and cover letter writing, or interview training – a career coach can be there for all stages of the process.

If you’re looking for guidance, contact Kate Langford Career Consulting today on 07 5322 4086 or ask@katelangford.com.au.

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