Salary Negotiations

Salary Negotiations!

The job search process is a wild roller coaster of intense emotions that can leave you feeling drained. Salary negotiation is perhaps the scariest part of the process!

A lot of people have trouble when it comes to aligning their compensation with the current trend in the market and often make the mistake of neglecting market research and selling themselves short.

I’m going to share with you 3 crucial dos and don’ts of salary negotiation so that you don’t end up making the same mistakes


1. Do your homework.
A study conducted by Jacob Jolij and Maaike Meurs of the University of Groningen showed that music has the power to alter our perceptions of the world. This means that listening to happy, uplifting music can actually make you feel happy. So, blast away some uplifting beats in the morning as you get ready for an interview or listen to them on the way to your destination. Finally, remember to keep your chin up, no matter what! What’s the worst that could happen? You may get rejected but that’s not the end of the world.

So, stay confident and you’ll eventually land the job of your dreams in a reputable organisation!

2. Do wait for the perfect moment.
Don’t abruptly ask for the salary package in the first round of interviews. Avoid initiating the salary negotiations yourself and wait for the right moment. The key is to be patient and let the employer bring up the subject.

3. Do beat around the bush a little.
In case your (potential) future employer asks you about your current package and/or the exact figure you are expecting, avoid giving a straight answer. Instead, tell them that it depends on the exact nature of your responsibilities and the duties you will be expected to fulfil.


1. Don’t have unrealistic expectations.
It’s tempting to ask for a salary higher than what’s being offered in the market, but don’t ask for too much. Go to the interview with realistic expectations, present your demands, and take it from there

2. Don’t give in easily.
Employers deal with hundreds of candidates on a monthly basis. They know their way around an average person’s mind and are very convincing with their words. Don’t let their intimidating body language and big words overwhelm you. Maintain your stance and keep negotiating until the very end.

3. Don’t forget to be courteous.
It’s easy to let your emotions get the best of you during salary negotiations, but it can be quite catastrophic and you could even end up being rejected. Be courteous and maintain a soft tone and respectful manner while discussing your package.

In the end, remember to stay confident and keep your chin up no matter what. Prepare a strong argument and rehearse answers to expected questions. Remember, salary negotiation is not about winning or losing; its main purpose is to come to a middle ground that will keep both the employee and employer happy in the long run.

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