What is ‘career’ to you?

Your dream career, what does it look like? How do you want to grow in your career? How will you know you’re on the right track? Does your career path have a finish line?

How you answer this type of questions will always be unique to you, as we all want different things. What’s most important is being honest with yourself and doing what’s right for you.

Look for synonyms to career and you might find words like “promotion”, “advancement”, “progression” and “successful professional development”. To many, getting promoted or “moving up the career ladder” sounds like an attempt to get into management positions, but that’s not what everyone wants to do (and as you might have experienced, it’s not a job everyone is well suited to either). Instead, you can choose to see career in several different ways.

Which one of the following 6 types of career paths would you like to pursuit?

1. Expert

You want to become a specialist or subject matter expert in a specific area and enjoy delving deeply into a particular interest of yours that you can keep building on in terms of knowledge and ability to give expert advice.

2. Linear

You’re a natural leader, driven by the ability to influence and want to achieve great results. You’re a goal setter who often seek to take on more responsibility and authority.

3. Scope expansion

You enjoy broadening your skills across many related areas of your work, making you a more well-rounded professional in your field, a “generalist” some might say. You are driven by personal development and creativity.

4. Transforming

It doesn’t take you very long to feel bored in a role and you’re quite happy to change industries, companies and tasks from time to time. You enjoy “reinventing” yourself and enjoy roles with lots of variety the most.

5. Entrepreneurial

A problem-solver and idea-generator by nature, you don’t mind challenging status quo and feel compelled to realise your own dream rather than working for someone else’s. You thrive on challenges and value independence, flexibility and freedom.

6. Ultimate comfort and security 

Sometimes at the cost of job fulfilment and lack of personal growth, your main focus in your career is stability and consistency. You enjoy clear expectations, dislike surprises and feel content when you’ve ticked all the boxes before your workday ends.

Which one do you best relate to?

By getting clear on what you want your career journey to look like, you can more easily achieve your goals and feel confident in your choices along the way. Of course, identifying the right career for you is so much more than just knowing what type of career you’re seeking. There are so many things to take into consideration: your personality, your lifestyle, your values, your motivators and much more.

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