Why your old job application strategy isn’t working

Many of our clients who come to us because they’ve been unsuccessful in landing a new job and claim they have great frustration or hopelessness that they’ve applied for dozens, or even hundreds, of jobs. The thing is…nothing is wrong with any of these people. What’s wrong is the job application strategy and it’s, unfortunately, slashing people’s odds of actually being successful – and hurting their confidence too.

This is why applying for many jobs actually has the opposite effect:


1. You’re settling for a “good enough” job and losing track of your target

Do you want to love what you do for work? I hope you do – because life is too short not to! If you’re clear on what you actually want but start to apply for anything and everything that’s remotely connected to that type of job, you easily lose focus. The result could be that you land a job that’s just as bad as your previous one and your goal feels even further away. *If you’re NOT clear on what you actually want, get in touch – it’s our specialty!

2.You’re not spending your time wisely, losing both time and job opportunities

It’s been said that “applying for a new job is like a full-time job itself” which is NOT because it takes a lot of time to submit an abundance of applications but because each application MUST be tailored to the opportunity at hand to be successful – and that takes a bit of time.

You need to analyse what the employer is specifically looking for and how you match that, you need to research the company to know what they do and what they stand for and you need to convey what you’re the perfect candidate for that particular role, taking both skills, experience and passion into account. *If you’re actually serious about the job you want but don’t have the time to tailor your application, we can also help!

3.You risk forgetting what you’ve applied for

Want to know my pet peeve when it comes to contacting shortlisted candidates for a job opening, both as a business owner and former recruiter? It’s the line “Sorry what job was that again, I have applied for hundreds!” It happens more often than you might think! Please reduce the confusion, get crystal clear on what you’ve applied for, when and why – and spare yourself and the hiring manager the headache.

4. It sets you up for failure and knocks your confidence

No one likes rejection. While being faced with them in the process of applying for jobs truly isn’t a reflection on you as a person, it’s not a great feeling and often makes you doubt yourself, especially after long periods of knockbacks. Don’t do that to yourself.

In summary, drop the scattergun approach and focus on fewer applications so that you can get them right. Employers can spot a generic application from a mile off. If you haven’t given your resume and cover letter the time and effort they require, it shows you don’t care and you simply won’t get the job.

Getting an application right can be easier said than done if you don’t know how to – but we do! If you’d like a free resume review, book a strategy call HERE with one of our career consultants and we’ll help you map out your next steps!

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