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Work-life Spillover Theory: Why enjoying your job is important!

The mantra we carry at Kate Langford career consulting is to ‘do the job you love, not just the one you can do’. The general population spends a third of their time in life working (we can thank the year 1817 and socialist Robert Owen for that). A third for some, may not seem like the end of happiness itself, but when you realise another third is spent sleeping, it really puts into perspective that you might be dreading participating in half of your waking life. This leads us to the Work-Life Spillover Theory…

Work-life Spillover Theory walks us through the positive and negative impacts of your environment. To encapsulate this theory in one sentence – Your work environment impacts your well-being, which spills into your home life and vice versa.


If you are feeling stuck and sacrificing your emotional and/or physical wellbeing at work, it will in turn negatively impact your wellbeing at home. Symptoms of burnout don’t just vanish when you clock off at work, unfortunately, it spills into your well-being at home, spending time with loved ones, your eating habits, and your ability to do things that bring you JOY!

Here are some questions for you to ponder:

  • Are you willing to sacrifice your well-being?
  • What are the roadblocks stopping you from walking away?
  • Is it just easier to stay where you are than look for a better opportunity?


When your work setting is fostering fulfillment, joy, and support (or insert adjectives that best describes your ideal environment), you and your low cortisol are most likely to continue enjoying your day. If you are a business owner reading this, creating provisions for work-life balance benefits organisations indirectly, through increased well-being, decreased job stress, and decreased burnout of your employees (Parkes & Langford, 2008). Finding balance is possible AND it benefits a multitude of parties!


Here at Kate Langford Career Consulting, we acknowledge that there are roadblocks to finding work/life balance and a job you love. So much so that Kate has made it one of her life’s missions to set an example for achieving this and helping thousands achieve it too!

What are the roadblocks stopping you from taking the leap? 

  • Not knowing what your wants and needs look like in a job
  • Unsure how to find your ideal job
  • Confidence/not seeing your worth
  • Unable to articulate your skills on paper or in person

So ask yourself, do you need a helping hand to identify and knock down the roadblocks in your career? Are you ready to focus on your well-being and start loving 100% of your waking life?

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